8 Oct 2014

Victorian Politicians, why should we trust them?

Rich-Phillips shows us why we can't trust politicians

VICTORIAN Aviation Industry Minister Gordon Rich-Phillips’s department has poured $1 million dollars of taxpayers’ money into a private aero club where he just happens to be a member and stores his personal aircraft.
The regional airports grant was made despite serious questions about the extent of public use of the infrastructure and the fact the airfield is on Melbourne’s outer-urban fringe, it is clearly not in ­regional Victoria.
Mr Rich-Phillips confirmed yesterday he was initially approached by the Peninsula Aero Club about special funding for improvements to the facilities. Work is already under way on improving the minister’s aero club facility.
As for what he knew of the grant he claims that he had just stumbled across paperwork where the club’s name had been mentioned. This claim is almost unbelievable because of his involvement with the club,
The rules for the regional grant clearly state that any money should be for public-use aviation infrastructure.
The Napthine government does not need a minister who brings a strange smell to his portfolio. This raises serious questions to answer about taxpayer-funded grants being given to close associates.

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