8 Oct 2014

Why is Turkey waiting, its sitting on its hands while people are murdered!

"If I look the other way"
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"It won't happen"

The Kurds pleaded for help because ISIS threatens not only the Kurds but also the entire Middle East and the rest of the world… However the call for solidarity has since fell on deaf ears in Turkey.
Turkey’s willingness to sit on the sidelines as the West’s ‘Public Enemy Number One’ moves in next door could badly damage a country that has been something of a bastion of stability in a troubled region.
Watching the Turks stand by are Turkey’s own 15 million-strong Kurdish minority—nearly 20 per cent of the country—whose long history of insurrection against the Turkish state appeared until recently to be drawing to a close.
The ISIS jihadist group, which thrives on instability and whose long term goal is to erect a Caliphate encompassing all the Muslim lands of the region cannot believe their luck. Turkey is doing nothing, will Turkey be next.
If Turkey continues to watch a massacre take place, will that not encourage these jihadists to believe that this NATO member is a toothless tiger.

Turkey has ample military potential to eliminate this group on their border if they wish yet they are hesitant, why, what could they benefit from standing by, they are looking incredibly impotent and are damaging NATO's reputation..
Will these terrorists turn their attention to Turkey in the same way as jihadists fighting in Afghanistan went on to wreak havoc in Pakistan.

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