30 Nov 2014

Abbott gives Victoria to Labor. The Coalition in Victoria has been gutted by Tony's fumbled policies.

I was feeling alright
Then Tony said he'd help?

Labor was over the moon in Victoria, even before this election, why because they could see that every time Tony Abbott mentioned Victoria, Labor's vote went up.

Labor was always getting help politically from Abbott, his uncaring treatment of manufacturing in the state, then there was the budget, what a disaster that has been, slugging those that can least afford it does not wash in Victoria or indeed with any Australians. This was his gift to Labor.

Tony Abbott has built a government that does not appear to care about anybody, his front bench could easily fit into the higher echelons of the Gestapo.

There blundering efforts to save money is beyond belief, slashing research, the ABC, putting up Uni fees and then to top it off, he slashes the pay to our Soldiers just as we send them to another war.

Labor couldn't have asked for anything more.

Blind Freddy could have seen this coming, if the Coalition was a race horse we would be calling for an enquiry into doping because it was obvious that it was hobbled.

The Victorian Coalition government had a very competent and popular premier yet he never stood a chance, everything he tried was overshadowed by a his blundering federal colleagues.

Will the Abbott brigade learn from this, I don't think so, they will never admit they made a mistake, it's a fault in their DNA.

The next federal election could easily be a repeat performance, a one term Coalition government looks more likely every day.

They were a very effective opposition however they are now in government and they seem to have no idea how to be a government.

The press is now comparing them to the last Labor government, a government that gave the Coalition the gift of government by default.

Labor has learnt that behaving like an Abbott led opposition won't wash anymore, people are sick of attack dog politics. They are now showing a softer side, barking all the time doesn't work anymore.

Shorten seems to be playing it cool, by just letting the Coalition fumble on.
All he has to do is sit tight and watch them alienate more and more voters.

28 Nov 2014

Australia you've got to love it or hate it.

IT’S not Kermit the bog. It’s a cane turd.
Based on an article by
  • NOVEMBER 27, 2014 5:54PM
First they were bigger, stronger and faster; next they learnt how to open doors.
"Their poisonous"

NT News reader Scott Murray captured this monstrous cane toad eating another cane toad eaThis monstrous cane toad was eating another cane toad earlier this year. If they were big enough they'd have a crack at a human, according to a bloke we spoke to down at the pub. And blokes down the pub never lie mate.
Now cane turds are here and the could be coming from you next.
This shit is about to get serious.
Deana Paton saw the beast first and called her partner.
Then Deanna Paton’s partner fought the beast off with a copy of the NT News and an aquarium net on Wednesday morning, apparently it was near thing.
Attempts to contact Ms Paton during the same day had proved fruitless and grave fears were held that she had in fact been killed by this new breed of deadly dunny croaker.
There is speculation it is in fact an example of a new species, tentatively named Bufo turdus by respected toilet toad boffins.
But relieved Humpty Doo resident and cane turd finder Ms Paton did make it through the ordeal and phoned the NT News from safety last night.
“It was actually in the main bathroom in the house and my seven year-old son Evan came running out and said the ‘Mummy, there's a cane toad in the toilet’.
“I just expected it to be in the bathroom, not the toilet.
“But it must have come up through the pipes.
This is the Northern Territory, everything's big up here.

The Coalition government and their power of entitlement


The Coalition always believes they are the only rightful government for Australia, they are entitled to govern so they say.
How does this power of entitlement effect them in government?

This sense of entitlement is crucial to understanding why people misbehave in high office … The sense which some powerful people seem to have, that different rules apply to them, its is not just a convenient smokescreen. They genuinely believe it.”

People with power tend to behave like patients who have damaged their brain’s orbitofrontal lobes, a condition that seems to cause overly impulsive and insensitive behaviour.
Thus the experience of power might be thought of as having someone open up your skull and take out that part of your brain critical to empathy and socially appropriate behaviour.”

I think this explanation of the power of entitlement describes the present government to a tee, impulsive behaviour and a total lack of empathy.

Australian Government approves questionable courses.

There is one popular course that should have been included.
A diploma in "How to generate green house gasses".
Provided by (ex MP's)experts with experience.

HYPNOTHERAPY, aromatherapy and Christian proselytising courses have been approved for taxpayer-funded student loans, which are set to balloon over the next three years.
The federal Education Department has granted 200 TAFE and private training colleges approval to offer “study-now, pay-later” courses costing up to $25,000.
The government pays the ­tuition fees and students repay the money once they earn more than $53,345. Treasury is already predicting that one in four will never pay back the taxpayer loans.
The university loans scheme was expanded to students in vocational colleges this year to encourage more young Australians to complete technical and trade courses.

Here are some of the courses:

$10,602 diploma of hypnotherapy for pregnancy and childbirth through the Academy of Hypnotic Science.The syllabus includes “writing hypnotic scripts for mums-to-be’’ and “neurolinguistic programming’’.
$16,500 advanced diploma in “transpersonal counselling’’ or in “transpersonal art therapy’’.The Phoenix Institute in Melbourne

$2090 towards the cost of a certificate II in greyhound racing and $5064 for a certificate III in floristry. The Queensland government

$10,424 advanced ­diploma of nutritional medicine, as well as an advanced diploma of aromatic medicine. The Health Arts College in Melbourne

$25,000 for a six-month diploma of hairdressing salon management.Unique International College

Students can also borrow from taxpayers to study at the Harvest West Bible College in Perth, which advertises its two-year diploma of ministry course for $12,240 per year of study.

Hope College, on the Gold Coast, offers a $1980 diploma of ministry, which includes teaching “effective prayer skills’’ and “responding to the call of God’

There are many more courses I have not mentioned that are very questionable
People are concerned about registered training organisations simply delivering courses for the sake of it, just to generate an income and chase government funding. I remember that under the Howard government their training made many people very wealthy but not to many people well trained, it seems the Coalition has not learnt.

What about other skill shortages, we have a shortfall of skills in the building industry will  we have to rely more on overseas workers.’’
The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s director of employment, education and training, Jenny Lambert, says the government should not dictate which courses receive government funding.

We don’t want the government to be picking what we need and don’t need without consultation.

Abbott to slither under Senate door to find another hole for $7 GP co-payment.

  • Yesterday  was dominated by the $7 GP co-payment after the government committed to keep the policy in spite of letting it be known that it would drop the contentious budget measure yesterday.
  • They have not ruled out bypassing the Senate altogether, in other words finding a back door way of doing it. This government does not seem to understand that they had no mandate for this measure and it is extremely unpopular. If it was better designed to protect the less well off it would probably have passed.
  • This government can never admit they made a mistake, if they knew how to negotiate honestly then this matter would be settled.
  •  Liberal senator Ian Macdonald has already said he would cross the floor if it came into the senate in its original form.

27 Nov 2014

Cuts to the ABC and SBS and yet they are throwing money at school chaplains.

The Tony Abbott ideology at work, what's next?

While the Government can't find money for the ABC and SBS, it continues throwing it at school chaplains. There  are valid questions about the administration, ethos and very existence of the Government-funded Chaplaincy Program.

People are calling for a fundamental reshaping of the government-funded Chaplaincy Program in state schools. This is no minor issue for up to $700 million has been spent or earmarked for the program.
Valid questions have been raised in regard to the very existence, as well as the administration and the ethos, of the Chaplaincy Program. For example, the very existence of the current program has been challenged successfully in two separate cases brought to the High Court of Australia. 
People are concerned that the proposed legislation will prevent trained non-religious councillors from being employed under the Chaplaincy program.

This will lead to the termination of employment for some 500 non-religious counsellors currently employed in schools. This is in the face of a recent New South Wales study that showed that professionally trained secular counsillors, employed in schools, produced better outcomes in regard to student welfare.

Rupert Murdock wakes up to Abbott

I can't help myself
You telling me I need common sense
Whats that?

The media baron's most influential newspaper is labelled him "languishing", "looking flaky" and not "hard enough". Abbott is lacking an "authoritative voice" and failing to show "courage and leadership".

This something we have all known for months Rupert.

Abbott as the attack dog did very well in opposition, as a leader he's a complete amateur. As a dog he barked very well, however a guard dog has no reason to be clever, so once he changed roles we began to see gaping holes in this dogs ability.

Sure he can still bark but, can he round up sheep. We saw him bark again at the G20, oh yes he could still bark, but at what was he barking, no,no,no, it was  internal politics and then, he whined about Climate Change no,no you don't bark at that you stupid dog! Not at that party.
Now little dog you must learn that you don't bark at friends from now on you will be muzzled when in special company.

Perhaps you should be sent to puppy training, the first thing you should learn is that you can't have everything, you will only be fed once a day, no snacks or tit bits. You have to learn to get on with people, all sorts of people.
You must learn to be patient, once you learns these basic things he may be ready to be let of the lead.

Frankly I'm afraid I am not confident that this training will do the trick, you seem to be lacking something, I think it could be commonsense, if I'm right, I'm sorry its something that can't be fixed, your either born with it or you weren't.

26 Nov 2014

Slavery. Is it alive and well in Australia? Not quite!


Yes I said slavery, if a young person is working for a firm that only guarantees a minimal amount of hours but expects them to be available at short notice any day of the week, I consider this to be a type of slavery.

If someone is forced to work under these conditions it means they are unable to pick up supplementary work elsewhere, this I contend is a form of slavery, they are locked in, until they can get a proper job.
Even applying for a job becomes difficult because they risk loosing their minimal hours job if they have to attend an interview.

The employers who exploit this situation are almost corrupt, a well run business should be able to tell their workers at least which days they are required to work.

Many young people in Australia are in just that situation. They can't rent because they have a variable income and they can't buy a vehicle for the same reason, with no vehicle they miss employment opportunities, its a vicious circle. So they forced to stay at home, if their parents are well off that's fine, If not their families struggle. What is the future for them.

We are are squandering a valuable asset, our youth.

This government believes all employers will do the right thing, they are blind to the real world. There are always people that will exploit the weak. That is why unions were invented, they were not invented to destroy business, they exist because there was a real need to protect.

Fair work Australia should have more powers and be be more proactive, they shouldn't wait for a complaints they should have a watching brief. They could fill the gap left by low union membership and if they did their job properly we would not need unions.

This country is sliding backwards and this present government and the one proceeding them has done little to alleviate youth unemployment.

This is country, a country where many of its workers are working unpaid overtime, why couldn't we employ more of our youth. Shouldn't we be encouraging and subsidizing youth employment. Surely it would be better to gainfully employ them.

Having them sitting on New Start getting a couple of hours work is week is crazy. They are going nowhere, what a waste.

Freya Newman: no conviction recorded over leak of Frances Abbott scholarship | Australia news | theguardian.com

Freya Newman: no conviction recorded over leak of Frances Abbott scholarship | Australia news | theguardian.com:

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The Pope. Could he have been talking about Australia?

This Popes message to Europe could have been given to Australia, with only slight modification.
His reference to EU commitment to Human Rights would no longer apply to Australia because our government can longer claim to be committed. 

The Popes visit was not a pastoral visit, it was a political. it was a speech that reminded them of the values that inspired the birth of the EU.
He also said that run away Capitalism should be reigned in.
He did not spare them. "There has been a growing mistrust," said the Pope.
The thrust of his speech was that citizens mistrusted and were confused by governments that were ruled by professional politicians who seemed to have lost sight of the ordinary man.
"As a result," he continued, "the great ideas which once inspired Europe seem to have lost their attractiveness".(could this apply to us)
The message was clear. Europe had lost its way.
The Pope clearly sees the EU as tired and divorced from the convictions of its founding fathers. He said the EU gave the impression of being somewhat "elderly and haggard", of "weariness and ageing". He compared the institution to a grandmother, no longer fertile and vibrant.(do we suffer from this ailment to)
As a result of the economic crisis, he said loneliness was more acute. He warned of men and women being reduced to mere cogs in a machine that treats them as items of consumption to be exploited. (we're to are consumers and numbers)
He praised the EU for its commitment to human rights. He said the institution was responsible for keeping democracy alive for the peoples of Europe.
Will our beloved leader Prime Minister Tony Abbott take in what the Pope has said to the EU, will he see the relevance to Australia, will he see that he is creating the same sort mistrust.
Will he see that the wealth of Australia is its people, trickle down economics is no longer the answer because it has stopped trickling down. 
There's a blockage, the old plumbers tools no longer work. A regular flow must be maintained, the only way to fix the problem is to allow the system to leak from the top a little , this will allow the people to get on board the train once again.

25 Nov 2014

Women's sport is the sacrificial lamb of course. SHAME ON ABBOTT AND THE ABC.

Women's sport dumped
Because it's expendable?

Women's sport has come a long way in Australia thanks to the ABC trying to give it as much coverage as possible.
What's happened,the Abbott government happened that's what, they have forced the ABC to do the unthinkable.
It was obvious something would have to go and of course women's sport is the sacrificial lamb.
It's more than just a shame, women's teams are going to loose lucrative sponsership's because of this decision. The ABC was such a huge supporter of women's sport. 
A step back in time that's what it is and its very dark day for women's sport. This is mistake that won't be forgotten. 
Apparently this Liberal government doesn't really put sport ahead of anything else, we are told to be involved in sport, yet where is the equality especially for women's sport.
They're basically short-changing women in every single sense, if the ABC doesn't give women's sport coverage who will, no one!

Was the Advisory Council asked to comment on these decisions.

The Role of the ABC Advisory  Council

  • Either on its own initiative or at the request of the Board, to advise the Board on matters relating to the Corporation’s broadcasting programs.
  • Provide a broad representation of Australian community concerns and interests in relation to programming.
  • Analyse and consider reports and papers, in relation to programming, provided by the ABC.
  • Facilitate communication between the community and the ABC Board.
  • Within the framework of the Council’s annual work plan, carry out community consultation seeking views on ABC programming initiatives.
  • Council can also hold interest group meetings from time to time.

Israel denies 20% of the population the right to exist. They deny basic rights, ignore the UN and take no notice of the the US, no wonder they are loosing world wide support.

Israeli cabinet approves legislation defining nation-state of "Jewish people"not Israeli people.

The proposed law would reserve ‘national rights’ for Jews and not for minorities that make up 20% of population
A controversial bill that officially defines Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people has been approved by cabinet despite warnings that the move risks undermining the country’s democratic character.
The new legislation defined reserved “national rights” for Jews only and not for its minorities, and rights groups condemned it as racist.
The bill, which is intended to become part of Israel’s basic laws, would recognise Israel’s Jewish character, institutionalise Jewish law as an inspiration for legislation and delist Arabic as a second official language.
Arab Muslims and Christians make up 20% of Israel’s population.
Based on an article in the Guardian

ABC trimmed back by enthusiastic duo.

If the government hadn't run out of fuel would they have leveled it to the ground or have they just saved fuel, to finish the job later?

24 Nov 2014

Australia dumb's down under Abbott government. A clever country,it's a joke. Look what he's doing to the CSIRO !

Figures confirm the cuts would be felt right across the organisation.
There is no area of research that has been saved, it's very revealing it's about dumbing down the CSIRO.
Research is at the the heart of what they do, we want to be a clever country says Abbott and then he slashes our leading research organisation. They are very significant cuts, this just goes to show that these cuts are not about efficiency but are essentially about cutting research.
Scientists, engineers, lab technicians, field workers and support staff will comprise about 57% of the jobs lost.
The agency’s land and water division, which aims to deliver solutions to problems such as water availability, biodiversity, land management and climate-change adaptation, will lose 34 scientists and engineers, and 34 lab researchers.
Then there's 31 scientists and engineers and 35 lab researchers that will go from the mineral resources and energy division, which has responsibility for developing technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in energy and transport.
Is this going to make us a smarter country, oh by the way, Australia is now open for business, yes its not about using own know how anymore, no its about buying someone else's.
Yes buying from other countries that spend more money on research, countries who will hire our mistreated scientists, the same people we are now sacking.
What a load of crap this is.
 I'm getting really pissed of with this government!!!!

ABC's death by a thousand cuts the work of political bastardry

Australia and in particular rural and regional areas have had there voices ripped away by this government's slash and burn treatment of the ABC. THE VOICE OF THE BUSH NO LONGER EXISTS.

Abbott just doesn't care about the country areas, the big votes are in the big cities.

ABC's death by a thousand cuts the work of political bastardry:

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23 Nov 2014

Nation's capital to be once again treated with contempt along with regional Australia.

The ABC Canberra office will be downgraded

Yes, you read it hear, the ABC in Canberra is to be no longer to be treated as a a metropolitan area it is being reclassified as region, this is part of sweeping changes to be announced.

The ABC services an area with a population of approximately 700,000 people, these people deserve the same service as any other metropolitan area.

The treatment of the Canberra by the federal government has been disgraceful, first there is the number of job losses in the public service in Canberra which is a major slug to our economy and now they are forcing the ABC to make damaging cuts to our local services.

Do we blame the ABC for these cuts, no, almost every day we hear from the government that the ABC is left wing and doesn't give a balanced view, I think they would like the ABC to disappear.

This is the national capital and as the capitol certain standards should be maintained, we do not as people expect to be treated differently to other Australians, sure we will learn to live with cuts provided they are proportionate to what other Australians have to put up with.

Why treat Canberra this way, well could it be that we vote for more Labor politicians than Liberal, do they write us off as a no vote and therefor they couldn't care less. 

As far as the ABC is concerned apparently the number of redundancies nationally would be 'very significant'. Is this just the first cut of a thousand cuts to undermine the ABC.

As for regional Australia, the people in the so called bush, who rely on the ABC every day, what of those people, the commercial stations have deserted them and centralised all their operations and now they are forcing the ABC to do the same.

Who is to take up the slack if the ABC doesn't, it won't be the commercials. The coverage of local news has all but disappeared, news apparently, only seems to happen in the major cities and it is repeated over and over.

Rural news should keep city dwellers in Australian in touch with their fellow Australians everywhere in our great wide brown land.

Every dollar spent it fostering a better understanding of the trial and tribulations that our fellow citizens go through is a dollar well spent, it should never be about them and us.

Who's job is to keep us in touch, if not the ABC then who the hell else is it going to be!

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