24 Nov 2014

Australia dumb's down under Abbott government. A clever country,it's a joke. Look what he's doing to the CSIRO !

Figures confirm the cuts would be felt right across the organisation.
There is no area of research that has been saved, it's very revealing it's about dumbing down the CSIRO.
Research is at the the heart of what they do, we want to be a clever country says Abbott and then he slashes our leading research organisation. They are very significant cuts, this just goes to show that these cuts are not about efficiency but are essentially about cutting research.
Scientists, engineers, lab technicians, field workers and support staff will comprise about 57% of the jobs lost.
The agency’s land and water division, which aims to deliver solutions to problems such as water availability, biodiversity, land management and climate-change adaptation, will lose 34 scientists and engineers, and 34 lab researchers.
Then there's 31 scientists and engineers and 35 lab researchers that will go from the mineral resources and energy division, which has responsibility for developing technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in energy and transport.
Is this going to make us a smarter country, oh by the way, Australia is now open for business, yes its not about using own know how anymore, no its about buying someone else's.
Yes buying from other countries that spend more money on research, countries who will hire our mistreated scientists, the same people we are now sacking.
What a load of crap this is.
 I'm getting really pissed of with this government!!!!

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