28 Nov 2014

Australia you've got to love it or hate it.

IT’S not Kermit the bog. It’s a cane turd.
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  • NOVEMBER 27, 2014 5:54PM
First they were bigger, stronger and faster; next they learnt how to open doors.
"Their poisonous"

NT News reader Scott Murray captured this monstrous cane toad eating another cane toad eaThis monstrous cane toad was eating another cane toad earlier this year. If they were big enough they'd have a crack at a human, according to a bloke we spoke to down at the pub. And blokes down the pub never lie mate.
Now cane turds are here and the could be coming from you next.
This shit is about to get serious.
Deana Paton saw the beast first and called her partner.
Then Deanna Paton’s partner fought the beast off with a copy of the NT News and an aquarium net on Wednesday morning, apparently it was near thing.
Attempts to contact Ms Paton during the same day had proved fruitless and grave fears were held that she had in fact been killed by this new breed of deadly dunny croaker.
There is speculation it is in fact an example of a new species, tentatively named Bufo turdus by respected toilet toad boffins.
But relieved Humpty Doo resident and cane turd finder Ms Paton did make it through the ordeal and phoned the NT News from safety last night.
“It was actually in the main bathroom in the house and my seven year-old son Evan came running out and said the ‘Mummy, there's a cane toad in the toilet’.
“I just expected it to be in the bathroom, not the toilet.
“But it must have come up through the pipes.
This is the Northern Territory, everything's big up here.

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