23 Nov 2014

Nation's capital to be once again treated with contempt along with regional Australia.

The ABC Canberra office will be downgraded

Yes, you read it hear, the ABC in Canberra is to be no longer to be treated as a a metropolitan area it is being reclassified as region, this is part of sweeping changes to be announced.

The ABC services an area with a population of approximately 700,000 people, these people deserve the same service as any other metropolitan area.

The treatment of the Canberra by the federal government has been disgraceful, first there is the number of job losses in the public service in Canberra which is a major slug to our economy and now they are forcing the ABC to make damaging cuts to our local services.

Do we blame the ABC for these cuts, no, almost every day we hear from the government that the ABC is left wing and doesn't give a balanced view, I think they would like the ABC to disappear.

This is the national capital and as the capitol certain standards should be maintained, we do not as people expect to be treated differently to other Australians, sure we will learn to live with cuts provided they are proportionate to what other Australians have to put up with.

Why treat Canberra this way, well could it be that we vote for more Labor politicians than Liberal, do they write us off as a no vote and therefor they couldn't care less. 

As far as the ABC is concerned apparently the number of redundancies nationally would be 'very significant'. Is this just the first cut of a thousand cuts to undermine the ABC.

As for regional Australia, the people in the so called bush, who rely on the ABC every day, what of those people, the commercial stations have deserted them and centralised all their operations and now they are forcing the ABC to do the same.

Who is to take up the slack if the ABC doesn't, it won't be the commercials. The coverage of local news has all but disappeared, news apparently, only seems to happen in the major cities and it is repeated over and over.

Rural news should keep city dwellers in Australian in touch with their fellow Australians everywhere in our great wide brown land.

Every dollar spent it fostering a better understanding of the trial and tribulations that our fellow citizens go through is a dollar well spent, it should never be about them and us.

Who's job is to keep us in touch, if not the ABC then who the hell else is it going to be!

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