4 Nov 2014

Refugees are still people, why haven't we caught any of the ringleaders of people smuggling.Quick we were to demonize refugees!

Australian governments have changed the meaning of a word
Which word.
Refugee, it's meaning now is Devil.
It is legal to cross borders without papers for the purposes of seeking asylum, even under Australian law. Why don’t our media challenge politicians who say the opposite? Well that's easy the media fed the hysteria and still are. 

Its always been the smugglers not the unfortunate human cargo they carry that are the problem.

The refugees are just pawns yet governments in Australia haven't come down hard on the the shysters who organise these boats, no they have blamed the refugees for being refugees.

How many of these smugglers have been arrested for organising these journeys, none.

I'm not talking about crew or the captains that sail these boats, I mean their bosses, what if anything have we done on the ground in Indonesia to catch these people.

It's never been Australia's fault that people drown, it is these business men who bankroll the voyages that should pay.

Our governments has trashed our reputation around the world, why, because it was all about playing politics, its never been about people because we have been trained by the press and politicians to believe that the refugees are not real people they are just numbers and they are all evil.

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