27 Nov 2014

Rupert Murdock wakes up to Abbott

I can't help myself
You telling me I need common sense
Whats that?

The media baron's most influential newspaper is labelled him "languishing", "looking flaky" and not "hard enough". Abbott is lacking an "authoritative voice" and failing to show "courage and leadership".

This something we have all known for months Rupert.

Abbott as the attack dog did very well in opposition, as a leader he's a complete amateur. As a dog he barked very well, however a guard dog has no reason to be clever, so once he changed roles we began to see gaping holes in this dogs ability.

Sure he can still bark but, can he round up sheep. We saw him bark again at the G20, oh yes he could still bark, but at what was he barking, no,no,no, it was  internal politics and then, he whined about Climate Change no,no you don't bark at that you stupid dog! Not at that party.
Now little dog you must learn that you don't bark at friends from now on you will be muzzled when in special company.

Perhaps you should be sent to puppy training, the first thing you should learn is that you can't have everything, you will only be fed once a day, no snacks or tit bits. You have to learn to get on with people, all sorts of people.
You must learn to be patient, once you learns these basic things he may be ready to be let of the lead.

Frankly I'm afraid I am not confident that this training will do the trick, you seem to be lacking something, I think it could be commonsense, if I'm right, I'm sorry its something that can't be fixed, your either born with it or you weren't.

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