26 Nov 2014

Slavery. Is it alive and well in Australia? Not quite!


Yes I said slavery, if a young person is working for a firm that only guarantees a minimal amount of hours but expects them to be available at short notice any day of the week, I consider this to be a type of slavery.

If someone is forced to work under these conditions it means they are unable to pick up supplementary work elsewhere, this I contend is a form of slavery, they are locked in, until they can get a proper job.
Even applying for a job becomes difficult because they risk loosing their minimal hours job if they have to attend an interview.

The employers who exploit this situation are almost corrupt, a well run business should be able to tell their workers at least which days they are required to work.

Many young people in Australia are in just that situation. They can't rent because they have a variable income and they can't buy a vehicle for the same reason, with no vehicle they miss employment opportunities, its a vicious circle. So they forced to stay at home, if their parents are well off that's fine, If not their families struggle. What is the future for them.

We are are squandering a valuable asset, our youth.

This government believes all employers will do the right thing, they are blind to the real world. There are always people that will exploit the weak. That is why unions were invented, they were not invented to destroy business, they exist because there was a real need to protect.

Fair work Australia should have more powers and be be more proactive, they shouldn't wait for a complaints they should have a watching brief. They could fill the gap left by low union membership and if they did their job properly we would not need unions.

This country is sliding backwards and this present government and the one proceeding them has done little to alleviate youth unemployment.

This is country, a country where many of its workers are working unpaid overtime, why couldn't we employ more of our youth. Shouldn't we be encouraging and subsidizing youth employment. Surely it would be better to gainfully employ them.

Having them sitting on New Start getting a couple of hours work is week is crazy. They are going nowhere, what a waste.

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