14 Nov 2014

The ABC being cut off at the knees. Crippling the ABC is payback for Rupert's support.

Up to $300m more to be cut from ABC and SBS?

Malcom Turnbull's assurance to us that he would not allow the ABC to be undermined by severe cuts  is just another promise broken, this time by maybe the most respected Coalition minister.

$300 million more in cuts from the ABC and SBS is the second round of savings being demanded of the broadcasters.

The expected budget cuts come on the back of the $35.5 million "efficiency dividend" that was called for in a review of the ABC headed by former Seven West Media chief financial officer Peter Lewis earlier this year.

The "efficiency dividend" and the new budget cuts come despite Prime Minister Tony Abbott promising on the eve of the 2013 election there would be "no cuts" to the ABC or SBS.

The government is debating when to announce the cuts with the broadcasters pushing for the news to be delivered after close to when the G20 finishes, probably hoping it will be lost amongst the other reporting of the G20.

There will obviously be staff redundancies, a number of shows are expected to be slashed such as the state versions of 7.30 among others.They are also apparently going to sell the ABC's broadcasting vans.

Mr Abbott has previously criticised the ABC for taking an anti-Australian stance, in January Mr Abbott said "It dismays Australians when the national broadcaster appears to take everyone's side but our own and I think it is a problem. "

Tony Abbott's opinion of what's anti-Australian is airing anything that opposes the Coalition, his idea of pro Australian is anything printed in News Ltd's newspapers.

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