26 Nov 2014

The Pope. Could he have been talking about Australia?

This Popes message to Europe could have been given to Australia, with only slight modification.
His reference to EU commitment to Human Rights would no longer apply to Australia because our government can longer claim to be committed. 

The Popes visit was not a pastoral visit, it was a political. it was a speech that reminded them of the values that inspired the birth of the EU.
He also said that run away Capitalism should be reigned in.
He did not spare them. "There has been a growing mistrust," said the Pope.
The thrust of his speech was that citizens mistrusted and were confused by governments that were ruled by professional politicians who seemed to have lost sight of the ordinary man.
"As a result," he continued, "the great ideas which once inspired Europe seem to have lost their attractiveness".(could this apply to us)
The message was clear. Europe had lost its way.
The Pope clearly sees the EU as tired and divorced from the convictions of its founding fathers. He said the EU gave the impression of being somewhat "elderly and haggard", of "weariness and ageing". He compared the institution to a grandmother, no longer fertile and vibrant.(do we suffer from this ailment to)
As a result of the economic crisis, he said loneliness was more acute. He warned of men and women being reduced to mere cogs in a machine that treats them as items of consumption to be exploited. (we're to are consumers and numbers)
He praised the EU for its commitment to human rights. He said the institution was responsible for keeping democracy alive for the peoples of Europe.
Will our beloved leader Prime Minister Tony Abbott take in what the Pope has said to the EU, will he see the relevance to Australia, will he see that he is creating the same sort mistrust.
Will he see that the wealth of Australia is its people, trickle down economics is no longer the answer because it has stopped trickling down. 
There's a blockage, the old plumbers tools no longer work. A regular flow must be maintained, the only way to fix the problem is to allow the system to leak from the top a little , this will allow the people to get on board the train once again.

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