22 Nov 2014

Why don't we trust politicians?

Victorian governments apparently are allergic to anything that involves open government. After seeing what happened to with ICAC in NSW they seem to be terrified of a repeat performance in Victoria.

The Liberal and Labor parties have shown that they do not take corruption seriously by rejected proposals to strengthen Victoria’s anti-corruption body and political funding rules. 
This only reinforces the belief by voters that politicians are all tarred with the same brush, a brush that emphasises the fact that they are not there to represent the people, they are there for what ever they can get for themselves.
According to the Accountability Round Table, a group of former senior judges, politicians and academics, the state lags behind the rest of the country on integrity issues.
They requested that all the major parties provide policies to boost accountability and transparency of government. They are gravely concerned with the erosion of honesty and integrity in our democracy in Victoria.
The state’s Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission (Ibac), set up after the last election which was to be  similar to NSW’s ICAC, their commission is now acknowledged to fall well short of having enough teeth to act, its own Commissioner has said that there has been corruption allegations he had been unable to investigate, because has no power to act.
The Accountability Round Table said there should be an inquiry into political funding, because Victoria lacked mechanisms to ensure parties avoided anti-democratic or corrupt practices. They also called for improvements to Freedom of Information laws, which were far weaker than in “best practice” elsewhere.
Is this what Victorians want, a toothless tiger, no, not on your life.

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