31 Dec 2014

Tony Abbott achieves the impossible: unity among economists | Warwick Smith | Comment is free | The Guardian

Where Tony Abbott found support for his economic policy is a mystery to 99% of Australian economists reckon its bull shit.

Abbott's attempt to create a crisis is a blatant lie, his reasoning for this myth is to allow him to drag Australia back to the Thatcher era.

Perhaps a clue to Abbott's thinking can be found in his creation of Knights and Dames once again.

Imagine King Tony in his castle surrounded by his Knights and his court jesters.(he won't have to look far for the jesters) 

Tony Abbott achieves the impossible: unity among economists | Warwick Smith | Comment is free | The Guardian:

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30 Dec 2014

Australian birds are out of their tree drunks, Zebra finches are Aussies aren't they?

'Drunk' birds slur their songs after being given alcohol - causing their tunes to be less defined.(This is research?)

  • Scientists from the Oregon Health and Science University gave zebra finches alcoholic juice and analysed the effect on their singing 
  • They found songs were slurred, quieter and 'less organised' 
  • Scientists found that effect is similar to that in humans, who also slur.

Alcohol can turn the quietest of people into exhibitionists, who, with the help of a karaoke machine can belt out hits such as ‘I will survive’ at the top of their lungs while slurring the words.
Now, scientists have discovered that alcohol has a similar effect on birds, whose songs become slurred and less well defined when they are under the influence.
The birds were given spiked juice and their songs carefully analysed for the tell-tale hallmarks of drunkenness.
The Birdie Song, or anything by Wings: Scientists gave zebra finches (stock image) juice spiked with alcohol and analysed the effect on their songs, to find that they were slurred and quieter than usual
The Birdie Song, or anything by Wings: Scientists gave zebra finches juice spiked with alcohol and analysed the effect on their songs, to find that they were slurred and quieter than usual

Christopher Olson, of Oregon Health and Science University described an experiment where zebra finches were given juice with six per cent alcohol, on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered show. 
They wanted to explore whether alcohol affects the songs of birds in the same way it does humans.
Zebra finches are commonly used to model human vocal learning and unravel how people communicate.
Dr Olsen told broadcaster Arun Rath: 'At first we were thinking that they wouldn't drink on their own because, you know, a lot of animals just won't touch the stuff. But they seem to tolerate it pretty well and be somewhat willing to consume it.’

Australia is buying F35's that can't fly when its hot?????

The more we read about the F35 the more it looks like a lemon and we have our arses stuck to it by contracts no one in their right minds would have signed up to.

We can thank little Johny Howard, thanks a lot.


U.S. reveals high-temperature fuel could could shut down F-35

F-35FuelWASHINGTON — The United States has disclosed what could comprise a major flaw of the Joint Strike Fighter.
The U.S. Air Force asserted that the F-35 could be shut down by high-temperature fuel.

23 Dec 2014

Morrison has loaded grapeshot in his cannons to use on his new department. Pensioners and the Disabled are lining up for Flak jackets at Army disposal stores.

Just give me an excuse!

Social Services cops a broadside before Scott Morrison takes charge.
(Kevin Anderson fired a barrage of shrapnel before he even new he was moving departments.)

The department yesterday informed a range of welfare support groups that their funding had been abolished.

Organisations losing funding include Blind Citizens Australia, the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations and homeless bodies such as National Shelter and the Community Housing Federation.

21 Dec 2014

Scott Morrison a caring choice. He'll line up pensioners, the disabled and unemployed just like ducks in a shooting gallery.

Scott Morrison training for new role as
Minister for Social 'Security'

Abbott doesn't mention the word caring when describing Scott Morrison, I wonder why?

Tony Abbott's cabinet choice for Social Security minister heralds a tough time ahead for pensioners,the disabled and the unemployed.

If this is the new Team Australia they haven't learnt a thing about getting voters on side and selling their story.

Now Mr Morrison will have responsibility for child care and Mr Abbott's signature paid parental leave scheme along with all the issues associated with Social Security.
Morrison will steam right over the top of his staff showing any compassion and he may even arrange for some of his Sovereign Borders staff to transfer to his new battalion.
I'm waiting for his first press conferences, remember his portfolio contains the word "Security", he'll have a ball with that word if its anything like his last portfolio.
He sure as hell went over the top with that one didn't he, now he has another lot of defenceless people. He must think he's won the lottery.
"He is a very tough and competent political operator but he is also an extremely decent human being," the prime minister said.(mmmmm)
"We need good judgement in these areas and that is exactly what you will get from Scott Morrison."
Thanks a heap Tony, I think you've chosen a team that will ensure you are a one term government.

20 Dec 2014

Abbott's care of indigenous people is a complete sham.

Prime minister's special interest in Indigenous affairs is not born out by his actions.
Abolition of Indigenous drug and alcohol panel came without warning.
The government also announced that no further funding would be provided for the Indigenous and Remote Eye Health Service (Iris), which has carried out 12,800 outpatient consultations and 2,100 surgical procedures in the most remote locations across Australia, and established 22 remote eye health services in four years.

16 Dec 2014

Australians are crazy and will stay crazy it seems.

Selfies while onlookers watch the siege and swap jokes.

Will this incident change Australians, looking at this, I don't think so!

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

Politicians and terrorism why do they always want to get involved.

Australian Politicians should stay mum while incidents are taking place.
Based on an article by Peter Hatcher

Victoria:- Daniel Andrews, its a "terrifying incident". The gunman in Martin Place posed no known threat to the people of Victoria??
Queensland:- Premier Campbell Newman "all available police are out there" to "protect Queenslanders"??
The Prime Minister:-  He called a press conference but had no information to offer on the incident except that he had held a meeting to discuss it. He took only one question, to explain that he had no details but that the NSW police did. Why a press conference at all??
NSW Premier Mike Baird was the exception, he said the police had the matter in hand and it was up to them.
Then we had most of the media being cheerleaders of the hype and to provide a ready platform to any politician who wanted to insert himself into the event. 
Why do political activists or just plain nutcases turn to terrorism? Australia gave the world a lesson today.
They turn to terrorism to win attention, to cause fear, and to use that fear to produce an overreaction. That overreaction by the media and politicians is the measure of their success.
Terrorism is a tool of the weak against the strong. It is designed to turn the enemy's strength against itself. Terrorists need to feed fear into the population. One man showed us how to get extraordinary attention and inflict serious disruption using only a gun and a Muslim prayer banner.
The police response seemed exactly right. The media and politicians should have stood back and relied on information supplied by them, instead of second guessing, hypothesising or exaggerating the incident.There is plenty of time for that once the incident is over.
Our political and media systems need to get better at measured reaction before they go of half cocked.... ISIS flag?? 
Abbott said on Monday evening that the incident had been "profoundly shocking". He added: "I think I can also commend the people of Sydney for the calmness with which they have reacted".
He should have added with no help from the politicians.

15 Dec 2014

Joe Honkey and Mathias Conman are still selling us a pup, blaming the Labor puppy for every mess doesn't wash anymore.


Hockey's modified budget is nothing but a con and its as audacious as the proposed medical research future fund.

We've all heard about the accounting tricks perpetrated by the Gillard government, but now it's the Abbott government's turn.

During last year's election campaign, the heads of Treasury and Finance signed off on a deficit estimate for 2013-14 of $30 billion then we had Joe Hockey and Mathias Cormann pop up with their review claiming the deficit they'd inherited would be closer to $47 billion.

Well this higher number was largely the result of Joe and Mathias indulging in a little creative accounting. $7 billion of the $17 billion increase since the election was explained by Treasury revising down its forecasts for employment and wage growth and, therefore tax collections.

All well and good however most of the remaining $10 billion involved some strange transactions that these two boys claimed were forced to include because Labor had left them hanging.

The biggest was a transfer of $8.8 billion to the Reserve Bank – this figure was not an amount the Reserve didn't even ask for, in fact Treasury had recommended against.

This of course was to make Labor's last deficit look bigger and to make it easier for the Reserve to pay higher dividends into Hockey's subsequent budgets.

In this year's budget Hockey announced the GP co-payment and various other cuts in health spending, he explained that these savings would be put in a new medical research future fund.

That is once the money in the fund reached $20 billion, the annual interest on the money in the fund would be used to pay for medical research. However under the changes announced last week, these payments from the net interest earnt would instead begin in 2015-16.

You would have to be student of government accounting rules to see it. People think that since the savings are being spent building up the fund, there won't be any net saving to the budget until after the $20 billion target has been reached.

11 Dec 2014

Mien Fuhrer Scott Morrison arranges for the fox to guard the chickens.

Can you believe it, this government is hiring this bloody firm again, its like putting the fox in charge of the chickens.

By the the way we have laws about how we treat chickens haven't we, sorry these aren't chickens are they there only refugees.mmmmmmm

Serco to continue running Australian immigration detention centres | Business | The Guardian:

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Banks are still screwing Australians, maintaining a big profit means highway robbery from interest rates on credit cards

Despite the Reserve Bank keeping the cash rate steady at 2.5 per cent for 16 months interest on credit cards have increased.

The margin between  the cash rate and the credit card rate is outrageous, yet have we seen any coverage of this by the news media no, its as if they are blind. Its all very well for the government to tinker with banks spurious charges and superannuation governance.

How about the outrageous credit card interest, is anyone looking in that direction, is it competition when the the big four charge almost identical rates. The banks apparently see what other members can get away with and copy them, there is no incentive to compete. They may not be in bed together but they sure as hell share the same warm water bottle.

The rates at which these Australian banks can borrow money internationally is no doubt even lower than our cash rate and yet we see exorbitant rates being charged here and no one blinks an eye.

Banks have never been there to serve the people, they are businesses, they are only there to make money, as we have seen, they now even ignore the Reserve Bank. This is the same Reserve Bank who is responsible for guarding the economy of the country, yet they ignore it to bleed more money from the public.

We need real competition, let's allow some real overseas competition in the market, sure they are also just banks but when our own banks show no loyalty to Australia why shouldn't we allow others in.

It might be enough to turn their cozy hot water bottle a little chilly. Maybe just maybe we would see a shake up, its worth a try.

10 Dec 2014

Abbott's Co-paymet is just a house of mirrors

"The truth is so obscured nowadays
and lies so well established that 
unless we love the truth we shall
never recognize it"

The Co-payment
This government couldn't sell a glass of water to a man dying of thirst.

Abbots back flip is more like changing mirrors at the fun fare, his aim is to eat away at bulk billing he actually believes that the US of A has a good system and he is slowly trying to achieve just that.

Passing the buck to GP's is typical of this government and that's not all he's doing to GP's, he's also freezing Medicare payment to doctors for four years.

Will they pass co-payment on, of course they will, he is putting them in terrible position, for the next four years their salaries will be cut, they'll be forced to pass on what they can.

Tony Abbott has pulled a swifty as usual, he will now claim that its nothing to do with him if the GP's pass the fee on.

'It wasn't our fault will be his cry". Then of course he'll blame the last government once again, this tired line has long passed its use by date.

Perhaps had he been honest about this proposal before the last election we could have had a decent discussion about the matter. Now, no one trusts him, not anymore, he's blown every bit of good will he had by being dishonest with the voters.

8 Dec 2014

David Murray's superannuation reforms shows his political bias, he does not like industry funds.

Some of David Murray's reforms show his political bias, he does not like industry funds, the superannuation industry has never liked them and he is a creature of these organisations.

His appointment to head this enquiry with his background in the industry was always going raise questions about political leanings and some of the suggestions in the report highlight this.

The Murray report is hostile to industry funds which will be guaranteed to get Labor's back up.

It ignores the fact that they tend to be the cheapest and, on average, do better than other funds.

He seems to subscribe to the view that they're a sinecure for union hacks while putting it more diplomatically.

"Directors appointed by employer and employee groups are less likely to represent the broader membership of public funds," the enquiry says.

This is a ridiculous statement, do they honestly think the public believe that employer and superannuation appointed directors would be more representative of the broader membership, pull the other one.

The report also indicates that it does not like the idea of default funds, even though default funds are the the funds that perform better and charge less fees, surely this present system seems to be working well and should not be changed.

The fact that the report favours change in this area shows its bias in this regard.


7 Dec 2014

Breaking news: Santa has lost a bag of commonsense somewhere over Canberra.

Yes he lost
 A bag of commonsense somewhere over Canberra.

After doing a practise run over Parliament House, Santa has found a bag full of commonsense has disappeared, he was about to advertise in the the lost and found columns when this morning he was told it had landed on Prime Minister Abbott's head.

The people who witnessed the incident said that after being hit by the object Mr Abbott showed no outward signs of injury, however there did appear to be apparent mood swing.

When asked to describe the change they all agreed that he seemed to have a sudden flash of commonsense. They describe how he was suddenly babbling something about fairness and changes to the Paid Parental Scheme.

Personnel from the PM's office have had Tony examined by a doctor and they have been assured that he'll be okay, the strange tendency he has shown with regard to commonsense and fairness should only be temporary, he should be back to his old self very soon.

Santa has since recalled all his bags of commonsense because there appears to be a fault in manufacture, the doctors report on Tony convinced him that the bags need to include enough commonsense so that has a long term lasting effect.

Santa is thankful that this mishap occurred before Christmas and he is hopeful to deliver a large load of modified commonsense bags to parliament house on the 25th December.

Santa told me that he is hoping for a Happy Christmas and a New Year full of commonsense.

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