10 Dec 2014

Abbott's Co-paymet is just a house of mirrors

"The truth is so obscured nowadays
and lies so well established that 
unless we love the truth we shall
never recognize it"

The Co-payment
This government couldn't sell a glass of water to a man dying of thirst.

Abbots back flip is more like changing mirrors at the fun fare, his aim is to eat away at bulk billing he actually believes that the US of A has a good system and he is slowly trying to achieve just that.

Passing the buck to GP's is typical of this government and that's not all he's doing to GP's, he's also freezing Medicare payment to doctors for four years.

Will they pass co-payment on, of course they will, he is putting them in terrible position, for the next four years their salaries will be cut, they'll be forced to pass on what they can.

Tony Abbott has pulled a swifty as usual, he will now claim that its nothing to do with him if the GP's pass the fee on.

'It wasn't our fault will be his cry". Then of course he'll blame the last government once again, this tired line has long passed its use by date.

Perhaps had he been honest about this proposal before the last election we could have had a decent discussion about the matter. Now, no one trusts him, not anymore, he's blown every bit of good will he had by being dishonest with the voters.

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