7 Dec 2014

Breaking news: Santa has lost a bag of commonsense somewhere over Canberra.

Yes he lost
 A bag of commonsense somewhere over Canberra.

After doing a practise run over Parliament House, Santa has found a bag full of commonsense has disappeared, he was about to advertise in the the lost and found columns when this morning he was told it had landed on Prime Minister Abbott's head.

The people who witnessed the incident said that after being hit by the object Mr Abbott showed no outward signs of injury, however there did appear to be apparent mood swing.

When asked to describe the change they all agreed that he seemed to have a sudden flash of commonsense. They describe how he was suddenly babbling something about fairness and changes to the Paid Parental Scheme.

Personnel from the PM's office have had Tony examined by a doctor and they have been assured that he'll be okay, the strange tendency he has shown with regard to commonsense and fairness should only be temporary, he should be back to his old self very soon.

Santa has since recalled all his bags of commonsense because there appears to be a fault in manufacture, the doctors report on Tony convinced him that the bags need to include enough commonsense so that has a long term lasting effect.

Santa is thankful that this mishap occurred before Christmas and he is hopeful to deliver a large load of modified commonsense bags to parliament house on the 25th December.

Santa told me that he is hoping for a Happy Christmas and a New Year full of commonsense.

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