16 Dec 2014

Politicians and terrorism why do they always want to get involved.

Australian Politicians should stay mum while incidents are taking place.
Based on an article by Peter Hatcher

Victoria:- Daniel Andrews, its a "terrifying incident". The gunman in Martin Place posed no known threat to the people of Victoria??
Queensland:- Premier Campbell Newman "all available police are out there" to "protect Queenslanders"??
The Prime Minister:-  He called a press conference but had no information to offer on the incident except that he had held a meeting to discuss it. He took only one question, to explain that he had no details but that the NSW police did. Why a press conference at all??
NSW Premier Mike Baird was the exception, he said the police had the matter in hand and it was up to them.
Then we had most of the media being cheerleaders of the hype and to provide a ready platform to any politician who wanted to insert himself into the event. 
Why do political activists or just plain nutcases turn to terrorism? Australia gave the world a lesson today.
They turn to terrorism to win attention, to cause fear, and to use that fear to produce an overreaction. That overreaction by the media and politicians is the measure of their success.
Terrorism is a tool of the weak against the strong. It is designed to turn the enemy's strength against itself. Terrorists need to feed fear into the population. One man showed us how to get extraordinary attention and inflict serious disruption using only a gun and a Muslim prayer banner.
The police response seemed exactly right. The media and politicians should have stood back and relied on information supplied by them, instead of second guessing, hypothesising or exaggerating the incident.There is plenty of time for that once the incident is over.
Our political and media systems need to get better at measured reaction before they go of half cocked.... ISIS flag?? 
Abbott said on Monday evening that the incident had been "profoundly shocking". He added: "I think I can also commend the people of Sydney for the calmness with which they have reacted".
He should have added with no help from the politicians.

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