3 Dec 2014

Spend more says Joe Hockey as the government cuts wages??

Come ye little children
Spend your treasure

Spend more says Joe Hockey as his colleagues slash wages.

"We want Australians to spend money, we want them to have the confidence to go out there … we want Australians to go out and spend for Christmas, don’t let Santa down,” Hockey said.

Why would we want to spend?
The government's messages are becoming laughable on one hand they're asking us to spend while treating our most respected service with contempt(Defence cuts) at the same time.
Along side this is their attitude to the manufacturing sector and their attack on wages generally and conditions.
Then of course there's the dire state of the economy as we are told every day by Joe.

Well guys I'll tell why we aren't spending, your urging us to rushing out and spend when we are being bombarded by these scare tactics, daily telling us that our economy collapsing.

Talking about our economy, by world standards we are not in bad shape at all.

This talk about fixing the deficit immediately is never ending, this fixation of an overnight fix is crazy, if you told the people that over time we must make changes, we the voters might understand. However creating this fear that things must be done immediately or we'll self destruct is ridiculous.

However I do notice that when talking about getting into surplus a date is no longer being mentioned, perhaps it has dawned on the Coalition that you don't always need to use a sledge hammer to drive a nail, small hammer may take a little longer but you'll get the job done.

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