6 Dec 2014

We stopped the boats but there are 62,700 people who are living illegally in Australia and no one cares?

Have you seen these people
If you have seen them don't ring immigration
We've stopped the boats and locked up the refugees on every small island available, yet meanwhile we don't seem to care that there are 62,700 people whose temporary visas have expired or have been cancelled and were living illegally in Australia.

While the immigration minister Scott Morrison is trumpeting his success in getting his bill through the senate, his management of his department is in question.
His department has ignored the number of illegal people living in Australia after overstaying their visa's.

It seems as though everybody in his department has had their eyes on the boats and refugees to the detriment of their other duties. Apparently they have no idea where any of the  62,700 people are or what they are doing and they do not have the staff to ever find out where they are.

Now whenever we had refugees fleeing from detention centers there has been a man hunt, why on earth aren't we bothered about 62,700 people going missing, surely they should be locked up and deported.

These people are working in the black economy and paying no tax, this is stealing, stealing from Australian taxpayers.

Our immigration targets are a joke, they mean nothing, all you need is a cheap flight and a holiday visa and your in. Wake up Minister Morrison refugees aren't your only problem, fix this problem, deport them.

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