24 Dec 2015

Yoda says,ashamed I am but I'm not Australian or human.

Nun completes 26-day anti-detention protest in front of Parliament House in Canberra
Posted about 5 hours ago
Sister Jane Keogh protesting outside Parliament House in Canberra.PHOTO: Sister Jane Keogh, 70, (left) has been protesting outside Parliament House for the past 26 days. (Supplied)
"I have come here to shout loudly to the guys on Manus and the children on Nauru. What I am shouting is 'asylum seekers, I am with you'," Sister Jane Keogh said.A 70-year-old nun has been camped outside Parliament House for the past 26 days in an effort to raise awareness about the plight of refugees on Nauru and Manus Island.
Sister Jane has observed the period of advent by walking around Canberra's Lake Burley Griffin twice a day, praying, talking with supporters and spending her nights within the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.
She said she had been working with refugees for 14 years and said the experience made her "ashamed to be an Australian".

Saying "Ice is good" In a moment of passion could get you locked up.

Woman calls police after she hears neighbours chant ‘ISIS is good’ during sex
DECEMBER 23, 20158:18AM

Couples beware ... Your neighbours could be listening in on you when you talk dirty in the moment of passion.
Network writer News Corp Australia Network

AN elderly woman contacted police to report her neighbours after she heard them chanting “ISIS is good, ISIS is great” while having sex.

The 82-year-old woman contacted Brown Deer Police in Wisconsin on Sunday night fearing her neighbours were supporting terrorists.

But police advised the woman to call back if she heard the chanting again.

In the age of terror the public is urged to exercise vigilance.

But local news network CBS 58, who first reported the story, said police decided there was no need to rush to the scene.

But Brown Deer Police Chief Kass said, in this case, the woman was “maybe taking see something, say something a little too far?.”

23 Dec 2015

An Australian Christmas, an excuse to whinge about traditions.

A sign you're having an Aussie Christmas

Surfing SantaPHOTO: Australians have developed their own Christmas traditions that may appear a little odd to our northern hemisphere neighbours.

From dodgy trees to being bumper to bumper at the servo for bags of ice to "Australianised" carols, there are some clear signs that what you're experiencing is a Christmas Down Under.

Christmas Down Under
But we develop our own traditions 'round these parts, and anyone who's spent the festive season in Australia will recognise these signs that you're having an Aussie Christmas.
Heat exhaustion
Every true-blue Aussie knows the thrill of waking up on Christmas morning, rushing out to the lounge room to see what Santa has left you in your stocking, and then collapsing, senseless, as your body temperature reaches dangerously high levels.

You never know how much fun it could be spending the holidays in hospital on a drip to replace lost fluids.

There is no more powerful tradition in the world than the Australian the ritual of sitting down in front of the Carols by Candlelight on Christmas Eve. For best effect should be done with actual candles blazing forth in the darkened living room, despite the fact it's a total fire ban day.

Then we sing When A Child Is Born before going back to the service station in the morning to buy more ice. In all likelihood you don't even need ice, but you feel for the poor bastard who has to work at the servo on Christmas and he could do with the company.
You are forced to listen to horrific "Australianised" versions of Christmas carols.
YOUTUBE: Aussie Jingle Bells

Perhaps some day our musical community will accept the fact we're intelligent enough to understand a song about snow even when we're not looking directly at a blizzard: we can only dream about.

Xmas trees
Then there's our Xmas trees they don't look quite right. They try their best, but they always look buggered and droopy, they don't match up to the proud firs we see in the movies and the tinsel is all uneven because it's 40 degrees and anyway who cares.
Mixed traditions
We keep northern hemisphere Christmas traditions(probably because we're to lazy to change it), while we're whingeing about how ridiculous it is that we keep northern hemisphere Christmas traditions.

One thing Australians love, is slavishly adhering to inappropriate cultural practises established by their ancestors in different countries. The two things Australians love most, is complaining about this without making any effort to change.

For a true Aussie Christmas, you need roast turkey so you can say how stupid it is to be roasting a turkey in the height of summer. Then you need the Santa's in the shopping malls thinking why am I doing this job and what a nightmare it is be to be wearing a Santa suit in this heat. Of course a nativity scenes is mandatory although we're aware of just how historically inconsistent the story of the nativity is.

Basically, a real Australian will enjoy a traditional European Christmas almost entirely because it allows us to the opportunity for denouncing traditional European culture it offers.
The date
If you are currently inhabiting the continent of Australia or one of its offshore territories, this is a reminder Christmas is December 25.

Has the west gone mad. Racial tolerance,what tolerance!!

14 Dec 2015

Solar panels suck up to much sunlight???

North Carolina, where back to the future is back to the future.

While world leaders in Paris may have lauded the future of renewable energy.

The good burghers of Woodland, North Carolina, have successfully torpedoed plans for a solar farm, arguing the panels would suck up all the sun's energy, cause cancer and drive young people out of town.

Local councillors initially voted to reject a rezoning application that would have allowed the Strata Solar Company to build the farm near a highway north of Woodland, the Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald reported.
But then they went further, supporting a complete moratorium on new solar farms, after residents made their opposition crystal clear.
Apparently Jane Mann, a retired science teacher, reportedly told the council meeting she was concerned the panels would prevent photosynthesis and so stop the growth of nearby plants.
She's seen areas near solar panels where the plants were brown and dead due to lack of sunlight.

So solar panels suck up too much sunlight?

10 Dec 2015

Only in America. A very strange country?

Come And Take It Texas and DontComply.com on Saturday plan to “take to the streets armed with rifles and pistols on display,” followed by a mock mass shooting just feet away from the UT campus, organizers announced on Wednesday.
“We reference gun-free zones as victim zones or target-rich environments,” Murdoch Pizgatti, president of both Come and Take It Texas and the gun rights news site DontComply.com, told BuzzFeed News. “It’s fish in a barrel for someone who wants to do harm.”
The groups plan to meet at noon on the west side of UT Austin’s campus and march down Guadalupe Street openly carrying pistols, rifles, and other legal guns. They’ll then hold a mock mass shooting and hostage crisis to demonstrate the “repercussions of an unarmed area,” Pizgatti said.
Crisis actors will play the roles of the general population and hostages, as well “criminals or bad guys who don’t follow the law and concealed license owners who are armed” with fake guns, Pizgatti added.
The “visual performance art,” as Pizgatti describes it, will also include audio of gunshots and other “sounds of a mass shooting,” he said.

9 Dec 2015

WHEN TURNBULL STOPS SMILING(Will we see his real underbelly, is he the real nice guy we think he is?)

Image result for malcolm turnbulls smile
Christmas wish.
Could  my parliamentary in-laws
 become someone Else's in-laws

The time is fast approaching when Malcolm Turnbull  is going to have to either propose an increase in the GST or not; he is going to have to either propose cutting company and personal income tax or not or is he going to have to propose higher taxes on superannuation or not, and on who’s super will it land.

The honeymoon is nearing its end and some of his not so friendly in-laws are grumbling in the extreme right wing.

Now the electorate is another thing, we like his smile and he doesn't behave like the last rabid dog we should have put down.(that's the one that keeps yapping)

The smile I'm afraid won't be enough, even his innovation cannot do it on its own.

Its about time we saw some of the nastier decisions that we know are to come. Selling innovation is not like selling an evil smelling medicine particularly if what you can put in the medicine bottle will have to be decided with the agreement of the not so friendly in-laws.

Meanwhile bill Shorten hasn't been able to lay a glove on Malcolm, he will have to stand on the sideline hoping for Malcolm to score an own goal, or for his in-laws to put sugar in his petrol tank.

15 Nov 2015

Paris is nothing more than another recruiting drive for this terrorist group.

They have gained world wide news coverage, increased hatred of all Muslims and begun a new recruitment drive.

Our world media is feeding this recruitment with our addiction to the 24 hour news cycle. Perhaps the media should realize they are complicit in some way and maybe these events should treated differently.

The people that the terrorists wish to influence are those that are filled with hate. I'm not only talking about radicalization of Muslim youth.

I am talking about non Muslims who are more easily radicalized. I am referring to people who can be turned to hatred of all Muslims.

Those that are easily turned to hatred are in fact just another recruitment stream.

ISIL's aim is to turn people against moderate Islamist's, thereby turning the moderates, who are shown nothing but hatred, into potential radicals.

So every time I see hate groups marching in our streets, I see stupid agents of ISIL who are so dumb that don't even know they are being manipulated.

Indeed, could it be that these hate groups could be charged with supporting a terrorist organization. How ironic would that be?

This is all about manipulation and propaganda and recruitment and we in the west are being played like fools.

14 Nov 2015

Paris: Australia's Moderate Muslims wake up, you are loosing the support of thinking Australians.

If you do not condone the Paris acts
Tell your fellow Australians
Let us hear your voices

Moderate Muslims in Australia must show their solidarity with the countries they have chosen to live in, because if they remain silent about what’s happened in Paris the people who lump you all into the same barrel will be galvanized into vigilante actions.

Moderate Muslims are bound to suffer a backlash after Paris and if they don’t come out and strongly attack this atrocity they will all be seen by certain sections of the public as being complicit.
It’s about time we saw the Muslim community organize marches across Australia to show that they stand for Australian values, not just Muslim values.

If they do not show us that Australia comes first there are people in Australia that will be saying, I told you so, they are all terrorists. It is up to them to show us that they can live in our society without forcing us to believe in they're belief.

The impression that many Australians have is that we should all become Muslim, and they as a group have done nothing to allay this thinking.

We Australians have had different ideologies  thrown at us over the years , once upon a time we were all supposed to have all been Protestant or Catholic , or so we were told.  Well the thing about us Australians is that the minute we have anything forced upon us we rebel, and react, that’s what being Australian is all about.

Australia has accepted people of all races and religions, and if Muslims want to show us that they embrace Australia as their country they must act as Australians and condemn inhumane acts vehemently regardless of  of any links to religion. 

Many Australians I believe have a feeling that people of the Muslim faith are wanting to convert us all to their faith. Should this be a fact then I will be the first to join the redneck brigade in suggesting that such people leave this country as soon as possible.

I personally don’t believe that this is they're aim, however it’s up to them as a group to show us that they are willing to become what I consider to be true Australians.

So far they're reaction to terrorist attacks has been pathetic and pitiful .

Sure we have had some of the leaders come out and condemn these attacks but we have never seen Muslims on mass show the same condemnation, no. As a non Muslim this is very worrying because they to are supposed to be Australians, are they not allowed to voice their opinions publicly, must they only speak through their leaders.

Come on if your Australian, we speak for ourselves we don't have to wait for our leaders to speak.

Image result for french flag half mast

9 Nov 2015

Has the terrible duo really changed that much?

The new Peter and Scott
Image result for dutton and morrison
(We really, really, support Malcolm)

Dutton’s heartstrings were not being pulled in the case of the raped Somalian woman Abyan. Despite being assessed as a refugee, pregnant Abyan was forced to remain in the very danger that she had sought to flee.

Nor did he show much empathy for the plight of those inhabiting Pacific Islands inundated by rising sea levels when he was caught out laughing about it with Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison.

Now, we are being shown the man who has heartstrings that can be tugged at by sad little children forced to live in camps with little hope. Except that of the 79,000 people in the Jordan camp, a lucky 12,000 could be selected for entry into Australia.

At last former policeman Dutton can play the good guy.

His heart strings are obviously immune to our detention camps and the parents and children who, we are told may never leave unless we can find a country 'anywhere' that will take them.

Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison are, arguably, two of the most conspicuous hard-hearts of the former Abbott clique still remaining in positions of influence, why have they have not been removed? Does Malcolm have to tread so lightly with the right wing?

Malcolm must realize that the longer they remain the more he is linked to the Abbott doctrine.

The once famous Scott Morrison, famous for keeping stum about “on water operations”, is now being served up anew as an affable, friendly kind of guy who, because he cooks up Sri Lankan food with gusto we should hug him to death?

4 Nov 2015

Dick Cheney: Remembering 9/11 and fond memories??

Extracts from an article in The ONION
This could be Dick Cheney's take on 9/11 through his rose colored glasses.

"Wow 9/11 is almost here it makes me warm all over!" It is a time to reflect and give thanks for all the benefits and blessings 9/11 has given me in the past.
Its a cherished annual tradition: gift-shopping for my favorite holiday, 9/11.
"It's the most wonderful time of the year."

I'm careful not to let all the 9/11 festivities distract me from the deeper significance the day holds.
"Sometimes, in all the hustle and bustle of the season, it's easy to forget the true meaning of Sept. 11" 
"Sept. 11 is not about fancy 9/11 parades, or big 9/11 office parties. In fact, it's not even just about two buildings crumbling to the ground and leaving thousands of innocent people dead."
"No, 9/11 is about the warm feeling you get when you help an elderly woman cross the street and then whisper to her that the terrorists can strike at any moment.
9/11 is about the satisfaction of telling people to do things and then them doing it—not because they want to, no because you frightened them to death.
9/11 is about removing Saddam Hussein from power.
Most of all, 9/11 is about love."

I plans to spend a quiet day at home this year, during which I will exchange gifts with loved ones and watch my taped VHS footage of the old 9/11 TV specials of the towers falling while I smile and laugh.
"I have a feeling this is going to be the best Sept. 11 ever,"  "I just dread the day I have to tell my kids that 9/11 isn't real."

2 Nov 2015

The future of Australia's park lands, are they all going to become pay as we use??

Image result for park meter

Barangaroo bans fishing, kites, balls, barbecues but welcomes private parties for a fee

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Kirsty Needham

State Politics Editor, The Sun-Herald

Unsafe behaviour: Barangaroo Reserve will soon be off-limits for kite flyers, soccer players, fishers and musicians.
The city's newest park, Barangaroo Reserve, has attracted 200,000 visitors since August. But kite flyers, soccer players, fishers and musicians will find it off limits from this weekend.
Anyone wanting to hire exclusive use of Barangaroo's foreshore lawns, coves and walkways for private functions, however, is welcome – if they are prepared to pay.
The Barangaroo Development Authority wants to generate $1.5 million a year by emulating the commercial program of the Botanic Gardens.
Former prime minister Paul Keating spoke of his vision for the new public space when Barangaroo Reserve opened to the general public in August.
Former prime minister Paul Keating spoke of his vision for the new public space when Barangaroo Reserve opened to the general public in August. Photo: Dallas Kilponen
Regulations published on Friday allow any part of Barangaroo Reserve to be closed for private functions, including sporting activities, parties and commercial activity.
Its website lists a dozen outdoor areas for hire as "venues". Members of the public will be kept out with a $100 fine.
Former prime minister Paul Keating has famously attacked the commercialisation of the Botanic Gardens through event hire.
Opposition Leader Luke Foley says the "sacred principal" of Barangaroo, envisaged by Mr Keating as a naturalistic headland, is at risk.
"If they whack up a big marquee and hire it out for ritzy parties, that is at odds with the foundational decision of the Carr government," he said.
"The sacred principal is that 50 per cent of the Barangaroo site has been reserved as public space. That was the great and enlightened decision of the Carr cabinet. Any program of private events that would restrict public access to Barangaroo will be a fundamental breach of that important policy decision,"

Read more:http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/barangaroo-bans-kites-balls-barbecues-but-welcomes-private-parties
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1 Nov 2015

Northern Ireland abortion laws are still in the dark ages, this is but one example of a single woman's plight.

Northern Ireland abortion laws are still in the dark ages the Catholic hand still has a tight grip.

‘The system is inhumane’: Kally, manager of the Liverpool clinic.

She describes the system as “inhumane”. “It is very difficult for women from Ireland to come here. Lots of things contribute to the stress: they don’t want people to know; there is the extra cost, and they have to travel; there is still a stigma attached to abortion; they are afraid they may meet someone here who knows them. It has happened. I’m not saying that women from England aren’t anxious and worried, but they don’t have the added stress that the women from Ireland have.”

By 10.30am, 10 minutes before her first appointment, Catriona is already grey-faced with exhaustion and so tired that talking is a struggle; her words fall out on top of each other. She is six weeks pregnant and has travelled overnight by boat from a small town an hour outside Belfast to Liverpool for an abortion.
She took the boat because it was cheaper than flying and because she had no passport, and didn’t have the money or the time to get one; but it has been a difficult journey and she hasn’t slept. Tonight, after the procedure, she will go back by boat, a second night sitting bolt upright, trying to sleep. This is her first trip to England.

“A lot of bad things have happened to me in my life, but this has been the worst,” says the 28-year-old single mother who, like all the women I spoke to for this article, did not want to use her real name. It’s not the abortion itself that is troubling her; she has two sons already, and no desire to expand her family.
The difficulties involved in getting herself, at short notice, to England for a medical procedure considered a criminal offence punishable by life imprisonment in Northern Ireland. In total, the cost of the round trip and the abortion will come to about £570. Over the past three weeks, while saving for the journey, she has cut down on the food for the family and hasn’t bought oil to heat the house. “We’ve been going to my mum’s house, where there’s a fire; she’s been giving food to the boys.
Catriona hadn’t realised abortion law in Northern Ireland was so restrictive.

When she told her GP she didn’t want to keep the baby, the doctor said she couldn’t help her because it was against the law and that travelling to England was the only option; she gave her a piece of paper with a telephone number for the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, who booked her into the Liverpool clinic

28 Oct 2015

Tony Abbott's Maggy Thatcher lecture sort of. Part of.

A few of my modifications to John Grace's article
in the Guardian.(Sorry John)

G’devenin everyone.

Image result for tony abbott onions cartoon
(My border policies might stop me returning to Australia)
It’s great, you know, thing to have been asked to give the second annual Maggy Thatcher talk here in London, England. As most of you will know, Mrs T was a sheila(although some say she was a bloke).

Anyhow, she managed to rise above that disability and she bombed the shit out of the Argies and took back the Falklands for Great Britain while managing to piss off most of Europe by doin it.

She was the kind of leader every country needs. As far to the right as she could go.

Some people here – those of you who have some idea of who I am – may regret that I only got to be the greatest Prime Minister Australia has ever had for two years.
Well, let me tell you I was, I'm bloody proud of what I achieved for Australia in those two years. Bibles and onions for all school kids and a knighthood for Prince Philip. What country could ask for more?

Now let me tell you'se this. When I was prime minister I didn’t tell you guys how to run their international relations I just lectured Australians on the subject continuously.

But hay, I’m now at a bit of a loose end and I couldn't pass up the opportunity of a free flight with free onions to watch the Wallabies give the Kiwis a kick up the arse in the rugby World Cup final?

Anyhow do you know why Australia is so good at rugby? Well mates let me tell ya.

It’s because we closed our borders on every damn illegal immigrant who came within 100 metres of our shore even if it was a sandbar.
Yep,every foreign bludger who turned up pleading persecution in their own country was sent back to somewhere else, actually anywhere we could send them, I mean anywhere!

Now if you Brits want to get good at rugby again you’re going to have to learn to do the same thing.

Now here’s the problem with Europe. You’re just a bunch of wankers and pussies. You’re too bloody nice to foreigners. Every time a loser turns up at your borders whinging about how hard their lives are, you fall for their sob stories. Let me tell you straight. You gotta be mean and man up, before it’s too late.

Jesus himself once told me in person, if you don’t look after number one then everyone else will just take advantage of you. Always put yourself first like the bible says.

Anyhow sometimes you’ve gotta be cruel to be kind. Once hundreds of thousands of them die they will realise they were better off dying, don't matter where they came from.

Now it may take some getting used to and gnaw at your conscience if you unfortunately have one, but take it from me, you’ll soon get over it.

The problem wasn’t that the west created too many wars, but that it didn’t create enough. We should have taken out every country in that part of the world while we still could. Bomb, bomb, bombety, bomb.

I love England you know, bloody hell I was born here. I'm here to tell you, if your short on leadership, I'm available.

27 Oct 2015

The Abbott virus we escaped. Have we developed a cure or are we kidding ourselves?

Image result for malcolm turnbull cartoon

The Abbott virus was damaging to our collective soul, making us feel bad about ourselves, hitting us between the eyes with the bullet made of fear.

Nearly everything Mr Abbott did left people in despair:
  • His first budget
  • His onion eating
  • His reintroduction of knighthoods, giving one of them to Prince Philip
  • His winking
  • His endless broken promises
  • His hyper-masculine attitude
  • His craven use of national security
  • His national-flag obsession every time he had a press conference
  • His instinct to treat opponents as enemies
  • His instinct to divide the nation
  • His inability to articulate anything remotely like a vision for the country.

Otherwise he was a great leader???

Now we have Turnbullism, is it contagious or is just a similar virus that is not so aggressive? 

25 Oct 2015

Tony Abbott:- One of the “world’s greatest minds”.??????

What was that flying through the sky, was it a plane, was it a bird
No, its Super Tony one of the “world’s greatest minds”.
Based on an article by Paul Osborn.
Australians may be wondering, is this our Tony, the same Tony who's foot so often ended up in his mouth.
Well apparently the Washington Speaker Bureau thinks so?

Journalist, monarchist, prime minister and now one of the “world’s greatest minds”.
Tony Abbott has joined the global speakers’ circuit, represented by the Washington Speaker Bureau.
The former Prime Minister is open to speaking for just “travel and expenses only” or a fee of “over $40,000”, according to an order form on the bureau’s website.
The bureau’s slogan is “Connecting You with the World’s Greatest Minds”.
Mr Abbott, who is due to deliver the Margaret Thatcher Address in London next week, joins the likes of John Howard, Tony Blair and George W Bush on the speakers’ list.
His biographical note on the bureau website says: “Abbott is able to speak thoughtfully on terrorism and security in the 21st century, including the threat of ISIS and pervasive religious fundamentalism”.
“With profound depth of experience, he is keenly positioned to offer unparalleled insight on leadership, the global economy, global trade, discuss a Western perspective on the future of Asia, explore the short and long-term future of China, and provide a unique and timely political outlook for your audience.”

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