5 Jan 2015

Australian'ism has infiltrated the British services MATE.Shock horror!

Mate is a compliment
So don't knock it!
Salute who, you sir, yes sir, salute you sir, okay mate I'll salute you sir?

British Armed Forces hierarchy reminds soldiers who they should show respect to as top brass complain of being called 'mate' by servicemen

Soldiers have been reminded who they are supposed to salute after senior officers complained they were not being enough shown respect by the lower ranks.

The Ministry of Defence issued guidance on the hierarchy of military ranking after Army, Navy and RAF chiefs said younger officers were not saluting the right people.

While a missed salute may seem like a petty complaint, there have been instances of top brass being called 'boss' or 'mate' by servicemen.

The reminder, entitled "The Pecking Order", suggested that the problem was growing because of an increase in joint operations with other countries and between branches of the military, with soldiers unsure which members of other services they are supposed to salute.

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