7 Jan 2015

Easy entry for skilled foreigners. Abbott is about to give Australian jobs away

Team Australia, what choice of words, this is a team that has treated its citizens with complete contempt, look at their so called budget. Now they are proposing to give jobs away, these are jobs our graduates and skilled workers would love to have.

They are proposing to allow companies to fly in workers without even giving Australians a chance to apply for these jobs. They do not even need to speak the language.

Maybe Team Australia is a brand name that has nothing to do with Australia, perhaps its an overseas recruitment firm.

There were 4587 visas of this type granted when it was first offered in 2012-13. That jumped to 32,984 in 2013-14. Applicants are concentrated in mining, manufacturing, construction and education

A skilled migration system should strengthen requirements for employers to advertise jobs locally before recruiting ­workers from overseas, not make it easier for companies to bypass Australian workers, university graduates and apprentices

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