25 Jan 2015

Muhammad, did he ever claim to be Gods equal. I don't thinks so.

If the prophet Muhammad never claimed that he was equal to God, how is it that some of his followers today worship him almost as an equal to God.
Surely this is not what he preached, he said that his words of guidance were given by God.
He also said that he was merely a man doing Gods work.

How is it that if there are no true images of Muhammad as there are none of Jesus, people of the faith get so upset when they see an image that supposedly portrays him.

Muhammad being such a great man would not be invoking violence for such a thing, he was a man as he often reminded people, as a man he no doubt was criticised as he spread the word. 

Teachers of all faiths have always faced ridicule, did he kill everyone who disagreed with him, no. As a great prophet he used his faith and teachings to try and make them understand.

Would he be happy to see his teachings manipulated and degraded by recent events in the world. I think not.

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