31 Jan 2015

Queensland's volcanic eruption may well be felt in Canberra by the Fed's.

LNP to loose how many seats?.
The cause
 The government’s style has been abrasive, even vindictive. 
(Hark, sounds like the return of Johannes "Joh" Bjelke-Petersen)

The swing against this government is undoubtedly partly of its own making, could we be talking about the federal government, not really, although the similarity is astounding.
Its Queensland and the lack of an upper house, meant that the LNP enjoyed unprecedented power to pursue pet projects and ram through unpopular policies.
The victory also gave Newman plenty of opportunity to indulge his headstrong tendencies. (Does this remind us of the Abbott government, you bet.)
He's always been  combative, (Is this Abbott or Newman) his government’s style has been abrasive, even vindictive at times. Those that found themselves at odds with his government have been relentlessly hounded and vilified, whether they doctors or lawyers.(Ditto for the Coalition)
Newman came to office promising to restore the Queensland government’s shaky finances. But he gave no hint of the chainsaw he would wield on the Queensland public service. Billions were slashed from public spending. All told, more than 14,000 public servants lost their jobs.(This sounds familiar)
So what can we conclude from this snap shot of Queensland and comparisons that may be made to this federal governments behaviour. We have a slash and burn  of the public service together with an attack on wages and welfare to mention just a few.
As for the federal government's style, they have been abrasive, even vindictive at times. Those that found themselves at odds with the Abbott government have been relentlessly hounded and vilified.
As Newman is finding out, you can't behave in this manner without paying the piper, the piper(people) are giving him the message.
Tony Abbott is treading the same path, without doubt Tony to will feel the wrath of the piper at the next election, in the same way as Campbell Newman, only Tony's could be terminal..

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