26 Jan 2015

The Australian flag, why haven't we changed it

                                                   Time to give it the boot

This whole flag thing is so tired, the flag must be changed, if not, I fear it will revert to just the Union Jack if Tony has his way.

Tony Abbott has already dragged us back to feudal England with Dames and Knights, he obviously still dreams of making himself a king one day.

Let us show the world that we are proud Australians, for what we are, not who we belonged to.

England has had little to do with making us who we are today we don't owe them anything.

They came to Australia to exploit the country as they did to every country they colonized, it was not out of kindness just greed.

We are big enough and ugly enough to look after ourselves. No one died for a flag they died for a country, our country.

We no longer have to cling to mother England's skirt to survive.

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