4 Jan 2015

The sun burnt and big wet country that's Australia.


When the rain came, it was loud on the tin roof
It reassured us, we hadn't heard it for quite a while
The sound of it's footprints sounded great
Then we knew the drought, this drought was dead
It was great, we didn't mind one bit
But it didn't stop, this rain that we'd missed so much
It just kept coming, raging down
We heard a a rumbling noise, of water running
Coming down the mountains, filling the streams
It was coming our way, we could tell
The creeks were rising, rising too much
The fences were swallowed as if never there
They were just short stumps poking through the air
The shed went away, with all inside
The old hay baler, the old truck to
Then the hay bales went, we lost the lot

We're still okay though, no ones hurt
Then it happened, the house started to lurch
It rose up , moved this way and that
Then the door flew open, water rushed in
That really good water we missed so much
It wasn't friendly as we thought it should be
It picked us up and threw us around
We had to cling on, to whatever we could find
Just staying alive was all we had on our mind
Then all became quiet, then quite still
We looked out on the scene at all that was left
We were lucky, luckier than most
We had one another, we’re still alive after the wet
Then the sun came up and shone on the land
The drought was gone, we were all that was left
It was then we realized just what it means to live in Australia
A sun burnt country, a land of flooding rains
And the fires and wet we battle, over and over again
We know this is our heritage, it is just our lot
It's the land we know, we love it, even when it hurts lot
Our land is this Australia, we'll never do a swap

4th January 2015

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