22 Jan 2015

Tony Abbott could be expendable, he must have his head in the sand, because he can't see or hear what's going on around him.

Keep your ear to the ground Tony
Prime Ministers are always expendable
Tony watch out!

Prime Minister Tony Abbott insists his government has a solid record of achievement and that he'll remain leader, despite some problem getting legislation through the Senate.
Its "nonsense, absolute nonsense that my leadership is being questioned"said he.

Why shouldn't you lead your party to the next federal election Tony, could it be that your so unpopular.

One lesson learned from the previous Labor government is that you rally behind someone, "and you stick to the plan", Mr Abbott said.(he never once mentioned his popularity)

"I say look at the record, "I think last year's record is a record of solid achievement."" said Tony.

He said his government had successfully negotiated three free trade agreements,(much of this work was done by the previous government)
We stopped asylum seeker boats,(these policies were started under Labor)
We axed the carbon tax, ended the mining tax and had got the live cattle trade booming.

"In the end all of that reflects well on the government and it reflects well on the prime minister."said Tony.mmm..mmm

He also dismissed as nonsense that coalition backbenchers have described the government as in anarchy.

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