12 Jan 2015

Truth is the first casualty of power

Everything I say is gospel
The gospel according to Brother Abbott

Acting Treasurer Mathias Cormann has once again tried to squash any suggestion that the Abbott government is considering raising  GST, saying there are "absolutely no plans" to do so this term

"The government's position on the GST has not changed since before the last election, when we made the clear and unambiguous commitment that there would be no change to the GST in this term of government," Mr Cormann said.
"We have, however, also always said that we would go through a comprehensive tax review process during this term.
So should we believe what Mathias and the government says, why shouldn't we, well really it's because they told us many things before the last election, and guess what, they lied to us.
Can they be trusted now, have they given us reason to trust them by their behaviour since becoming the government, well, I'm afraid all we've seen is secrecy about just about everything.
I know I've said this before but open government and trust do not appear to be in this governments vocabulary. So be prepared for the GST to suddenly pop up, of course it will have nothing to do with the government, it will all be blamed on the states.

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