22 Jan 2015

Work Choices is alive and well. Abbott wants to dump everything on workers. Someone once said Work Choices are dead and buried. Guess who lied once agan!

Abbott finally shows his true colours, its all about ideology, its not about people.
Business want cheap labor and they'll get it any way they can.
Penalty rates, the minimum wage and the workplace flexibility of 11.5 million Australian workers will come under the microscope in a sweeping review of the industrial relations system.
The launch of five issues papers that set out the key areas the inquiry will put under the microscope were outlined by the Productivity Commission chief Peter Harris has promised the review of Australia's workplace laws will "bust myths" in the broadest review of IR laws in a generation.
The Coalitions review of Australia's workplace laws will examine the effect of the minimum wage on employment, how penalty rates are set and what economic effect the loadings have on business and employees.
These papers were accidentally published online on Thursday.
Enterprise bargaining, individual agreements between employers and employees, unfair dismissal, superannuation and annual leave, sick leave and anti-bullying laws together with public sector employment issues will all be examined.
Labor struck back immediately callingon the government to "immediately rule out attacking Australian workers' penalty rates, allowances, the minimum wage and other working conditions".
It is apparent that Work Choices was temporarily put into a state of suspended animation, it not cremated or dead and buried as the Prime Minister has promised numerous times. Well its awake after it was given the kiss of life by Tony Abbot.
And Tony ain't no good fairy

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