13 Feb 2015

Attack dog Abbott is alive and well and has not learned new tricks

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This is a photo-fit of animal that attacked the President
(Do not approach)

The reading by the government of the public's attitude towards the treatment of children is way off the mark.

The attack on the Human Rights Commission and its President, Gillian Triggs is nothing short of astounding, its as if the report was a direct attack on the government.

There is no way the report was a direct attack, it was merely pointing out that some things still needed doing to ensure we do not make more of the same mistakes Labor made, in other words we need to lift our game.

The general public do not like locking up children and they don't like the implication that we the public condone such action.

The HRC has highlighted the problems that arise from such action, the request for a Royal Commission was because the problems brought to their notice could be expanded on by such a commission.

The government(particularly Abbott)seeking to shoot the messenger and personally attack Gillian Trigg's integrity has no reasonable explanation.

Any reasonable government would have welcomed this report with open arms because it will helps them to deliver better services.

They have become so secretive with regard to refugees that anything that relates, both good and bad news, is hidden from view, why, only god knows.

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