22 Feb 2015

Australia to invade Iraq? Maybe Tony Abbott is going to do it on his own, now that would grab a headline!

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Tony Abbott apparently hatched a plan for a unilateral Australian invasion of Iraq – a move that would have marked the first time Australia went to war alone.
It was proposed by Mr Abbott, just a month after the former pugilist  famously threatened to “shirt-front” Vladimir Putin over the MH17 attack.
Mr Abbott reportedly told a meeting in Canberra on November 25 that he wanted to send 3,500 Australian ground troops to try to stop the threat.
According to a report by veteran journalist John Lyons in The Australian,the prime minister’s plan “stunned” defence officials, who said sending 3500 Australian troops without United States or Nato cover would be disastrous.
Military officials argued that even the US was not prepared to put ground troops into Iraq and it would make Australia the only Western country with troops on the ground,” the report said.
Mr Abbott immediately denied the claim, describing it as “fanciful”.

The Australian is standing by its story apparently, so who leaked it and why to The Australian. One would think that they'd think twice about printing such a story, does it mean that they are backing away from Tony. Is Rupert loosing faith in him, watch this space.

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