26 Feb 2015

England: Stupidity of council wardens

Father's anger after council wardens fines him £85 for standing in a field waiting to return stray dog to its owner.
A public-spirited father was fined for his kindness as he reunited a lost terrier with its owner - because he unknowingly waited on playing fields from which dogs were banned.

Marc Harrison spotted the missing pet, called Bobby, wandering the streets of Heysham, Lancashire and found a number for the owner on its collar.
Marc Harrison was left furious after he was handed a fine by 'horrible' dog wardens as he waited to return a lost terrier to its rightful owner .

Mr Harrison said: 'I feel penalised for doing the right thing. I was worried it might get knocked over. I called the phone number on the collar but couldn't get an answer at first.
'I was only there two or three minutes and I'd just got through to the owner when the dog wardens came on and said "you can't walk your dog there".

'They were quite horrible about it. I was never given the opportunity to explain myself. Now I've got to pay £85 and I feel like I did the dog wardens' jobs for them.'

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