6 Feb 2015

Free market supremacy is not free, it is stealing democracy

The theory that a free market is free and the panacea for the world is a twisted theory and it ignores the results. This theory also relies on another theory 'The trickle down theory' which has proved to be bullshit.

We now have the few owning so much the worlds wealth it is obscene, this trickle is trickling up hill at a rate of knots.

So called free trade is undermining Nations and the rights of individuals, free trade agreements are being signed in complete secrecy by governments who rely on the expertise of the same multinationals for advice. They are unwittingly selling democracy.

The so called free market has risen to supremacy among most political parties, the result, democracy is being eaten from the inside. This is the price that is paid when parties climb into bed with business with blinkers on.

The result is that always business concerns float to the top, the balance, real democracy, has been absorbed by the fat controllers.
Both sides of politics in Australia are to some extent guilty and their reliance on contributions for electoral campaigns exacerbates the situation.

It is no wonder people are disillusioned with politicians, the days when local members stood up for their electorates first, ahead of party policy are long gone, we now have politicians who are trotted out to show that they are all of one mind.Then at election time they are allowed to mention their home territory problems, with the usual promises, which they know they will not be allowed to keep.

The trust in individual politicians is now a mirage and blind ideology by the major parties in the norm, we need open debate if things are to change.
The major parties are slowly loosing seats to minority parties and individuals, people are getting sick and tired of lobotomised MP's and their slogans.

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