17 Feb 2015

Mate I have been saying this for years and now we have a Liberal MP saying it. WOW!

The restoration of knights and dames in Australia was one of Tony Abbott’s “captain’s calls”. Now one of his mates has found a way to take some of the stuffiness out of the system – by suggesting the introduction of “matehoods”.
The Liberal MP for Bennelong, John Alexander, made something of a “backbencher’s call” when he expressed a preference for addressing recipients of the nation’s top honour with “g’day, mate”.
“It came about when the new honours were announced last year and I said to a couple of my colleagues ‘our highest honour should be a matehood and you should honour people by officially calling them ‘mate’ and the official greeting should be ‘g’day mate’,” he said.
Could this really come about, we'll have to wait and see, what worries me is that all my mates may be embarrassed because if 'matehood' becomes a special honor what's going to happen to my real mates. Then there's G'day mate, will that be reserved for people that have been 'matehooded".
Perhaps we should have a Royal Commission to investigate what a mate really is before we jump in and make 'matehoods" out of people who are not really our true blue mates.

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