18 Feb 2015

NSW transport under fire. We worry about animal's rights what about people with disabilities

NSW transport under fire and they deserve it!

A man reverses his wheelchair down the steps at Unanderra station, the wheelchair threatening to flip over and tumble down at every precarious step.
One strong hand on the railing is all that keeps him alive.
He is literally hanging on for grim life.

Going back up, he ditches the wheelchair and hauls himself up step by arduous step using only his arms. He has no choice, for he has no legs.

A woman who has suffered a stroke hobbles down.

An old lady struggles up, exhausted.

For more than 20 years, disabled residents and the community have campaigned for lifts at Unanderra.

The steps, which are exposed to the elements, are the only way in or out of the station’s island platform.

For all that time, politicians from this party and that party have argued about it incessantly.
About promises. About funding. About blame.

And yet still today, if you’re in a wheelchair, or you’ve had a stroke, or you’re simply old, getting in and out of Unanderra station is your problem.

Deal with it if you can. If you can’t, tough bickies!

This week, as another state election hurtles towards us, the politicians have been at it again.
All three main candidates for Wollongong have pledged support for lifts.

Sitting Labor MP Noreen Hay says the lifts will be funded with $25 million. Her Liberal opponent, Cameron Walters, promises to talk to his Transport Minister, Gladys Berejiklian.

And independent candidate Arthur Rorris says the lift will be his first order of business.

This is Australia, forget animal rights for the moment. Make it happen!!

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