26 Feb 2015

Paranoia has gone mad: Police raid woman's birthday party after '21' balloon spins around in window

Police raid woman's birthday party after '21' balloon spins around in window and neighbours think she is a supporter of 'IS' -Islamic State

They were in the window for Sarah Ericsson's birthday party held at her boyfriend's house last weekend according to Kvalls Posten, who reported the police came knocking on Monday.
Someone then saw the balloons from outside Fabian Akesson's home in Karlskrona and reported it as Islamic State propaganda.
Birthday surprise: Swedish couple Sarah Ericsson and Fabian Akesson were suspected of being Islamic State supporters when passers-by mistook the birthday balloons saying '21' in the window for 'IS'

He was brushing his teeth when he noticed several police cars parked outside the house before there was knock on the door minutes later.
Mr Akesson added: 'I laughed about it and even showed them a picture that we took. And from that perspective, it looked almost like the letters 'IS'.'

Despite the huge misunderstanding, the couple were still asked to take down the balloons to avoid further attention being drawn to their house.

Sarah Ericsson (pictured with Fabian Akesson) said she found the whole thing 'strange'
Officer Kurt Erik Gunnarsson said: 'I've never heard of such a thing before. It was new. The patrol got there and found out that someone had celebrated their 21st birthday.' 
'Extremism should always be taken seriously, and we did take the balloons down immediately,' 'I'm so surprised at all the attention. I will never forget my 21st birthday!'

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