25 Feb 2015

The unemployment industry has little to do with finding jobs, its about milking a slack government system.

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This cow needs to stop giving milk.
The “unemployment industry” was created to find jobs, what we now have instead is a fraud machine that is given government blank cheques for nothing.

The Commonwealth Employment Service handed over labour market program delivery to profit-seeking private providers who embraced profit seeking  to the extent that it has become fraud. There was little regard for their core business of finding real jobs.

Successive governments have failed to prosecute any of these firms or done much to tighten up the system to stop this fraud occurring.

Why has no one has been brought to task, is it because some of the largest firms in the business are linked to religious organisations.
This is a national disgrace, governments have kept pouring money into its coffers for years with little or no oversight.

Governments have continued to tighten benefits for the unemployed which is a good thing, yet they still spend millions on an industry which is wide open to abuse.

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