2 Feb 2015

Tony Abbott should follow Obama's lead and tax multinationals to pay for infrastructure development.

The Abbott government should look to America and its present administration to come up with new ideas to fund programs.

This ideology that restricts any lateral thinking has them in a straight jacket.

The amount of tax that is avoided by the use of legal though shonkey schemes in Australia is enormous and yet successive governments have turned a blind eye.

The average voters in Australia are not stupid, they are all to aware that certain multinationals and individuals are avoiding paying huge amounts of Australian tax on earnings and they are sick of it.
Rather than attacking people who are least able to protect themselves the government should be attacking the common enemy.

Such a change in tactics would not only be popular it would show the voters that the fairness that deserted the Coalition has returned.

A real market economy relies on legislation that ensures an equal playing field for business, the present system in fact favours multinationals over national firms, its a market that's been bastardized.
Its been bastardized to such an extent that to be competitive our national firms are themselves forced to look for tax havens.

Under the present system this is legal theft on a grand scale.

National economies around the world have been played for suckers and fools, yet to date governments have stood by and let it happen. Perhaps now in the year 2015, they are waking up and Australia must join them.

White House proposes new foreign profits tax

White House proposes new foreign profits tax - CNN.com:

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