27 Feb 2015

Triggs attack could be trigger for Abbott's demise

Triggs attack by Abbott was stupid and uncalled for!!

There’s a something deeply disturbing about the Abbott government’s attitude to women.
In opposition, they threw sleaze continuously, depicting Julia Gillard in the most vile way, it went to viciousness, then bizarre and now we see the same thing being dished out to another woman.
This is a throwback to another age, once upon a time it would have been political death. Not today, it seems that politics has become a contest of who can reach the bottom first and this Abbott government is winning hands down.

It should be no surprise the public is beginning to look on politics with contempt, the childish tit for tat and brutality and bullying is sickening.
Between the knighting of Prince Philip and the attacks on the human rights commissioner, Gillian Triggs, we now see the essence of this government, their treatment of the electorate is no different– they seem to believe in a near-feudal hierarchy with a European monarch’s consort at the top and women, children and citizens at the bottom.
The truth is Gillian Triggs has lost the confidence of the government – but then to has Tony Abbott, by his leadership style and bullying.

Gillian Triggs’s real crime is that as human rights commissioner she spoke up for human rights. This is her job.

Her only mistake was she thought she was dealing with an honest government, instead she is dealing with a government that has no respect for human rights or human dignity.

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