5 Mar 2015

Are we playing into ISIS's hands,the press and politicians are feeding their propaganda. WAKE UP!!


Nobody should be under any illusion that Isis militants are not barbaric murderers who need to be defeated, even if we differ on how such a defeat will be achieved.

Nowadays it is now the fashion to grant them a unique evil, a nightmarish mystique, phantoms of the night. This is just what they crave: because it allows them to rout their enemies, who are so terrified they flee rather than fight.

It bolsters their reputation among sympathizers and builds them into something they are not, thus helping to win them recruits.

We are stupid if we think we can defeat a sick ideology by building their image to that of a nightmarish enemy. Instead we should be treating them with contempt and comparing their exploits to that of mice nibbling at our door like small pests.

You catch mice not by making them feel like lions. We in the so called West are seeing nothing more than a boil that needs to be lanced it is not contagious it just needs the correct treatment.

The press and politicians need to consult physiologists before making this patient believe it is a god. They are at the moment creating news bites to sell newspapers and gain popularity. WRONG,WRONG,WRONG!

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