13 Mar 2015

Australian Independent Senators, is this the beginning of a political change.

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Major Parties beware, the masses are getting restless.

The Australian senate was designed to be a curb on the commonwealth government and its treatment of the states.

However instead of curbing the behaviour of a federal government it has become a creature of the major parties to its  detriment.

Now we have a situation where we have a group of independents in the senate and some of them are sounding like they are State Senators first.

The major parties are in shock and awe, this is a phenomenon they hadn't counted on, they have no idea of how to counter it , accept to attack them as fools.

The major parties should look out, this situation in the senate may become the norm and indeed the same could come true in the house of Reps.  

The senate is a states house, not a just a toy of the major parties. No one party should own it, senators should put their state and Australia first.
That's what the senate was designed for, it was never meant to be a plaything of the major parties.

The present batch of senators are showing signs of becoming real state senators which is a change for the better.

Why could the face of politics change so much in the upper and lower house?

The voters are sick to the teeth of professional politicians and they are very open to electing people who they consider have led a 'normal' life.

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