12 Mar 2015

Australian media can take some of the blame.

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Media; It can be a powerful  tool for good
 or used as a fool.

The media every day feed ISIS by showing them waving flags, training and screaming at Western countries.
It should be obvious to anyone that has been a teenager that the thought of fighting for a cause just like in their video games would be tempting.

Okay, so in this instance it is a crazy cause, but to the disillusioned youth it could appeal, particularly if they see in the media one of their own as a potential leader. Telling others they too can be important.

The press in general have no idea, they seem to be just looking for a story to fill their 24 hour news cycle. We continuously see ISIS propaganda being shown night after night, the kids that might be influenced are fed this rubbish as news, news it is not, the footage shown is mostly straight from the ISIS propaganda machine.

The media have to take some responsibility for the young in this regard, they should think about the stories they are presenting and realise that they are playing right into the radicals hands.
The more you paint these people as winners, ghoulish or phantom like the more young they will recruit.

I am not talking about censorship, its about commonsense and better use of the media.You the press can be a very valuable weapon if used in the right way.

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