24 Mar 2015

Canberra bashed around the ears by budget cuts and the future doesn't look to bright.

Successive governments have bashed the ACT's economy, so called efficiency is the reason given.

However many of the jobs have been moved out of the ACT to other electorates where both the major parties want to win seats. Its not all about efficiency.

The political parties think that the ACT's seats are predictable and therefore they don't spend money or offer policies to win voters over.

The ACT's standard of living declined in 2014 by 2.3 per cent, or $2571 while all other states improved through the year

The latest official figures show the capital has lost about 5700 full time public service jobs since mid-2013, combined with wage stagnation in the bureaucracy, definitely showed in research.
With the ACT, you've got relatively weak wages growth in Canberra, the public servants haven't done very well and even the private sector is going fairly poorly. 
"Unemployment is on the increase, employment is actually going down and the other states are actually doing a lot better than us.
"The trend is not a good one and there's no doubt that tough budgets, not just from Labor, not just from the Liberals, have impacted the ACT more than other places because of efficiency dividends, job cuts and lack of promotions in the public service."

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