15 Mar 2015

Childcare:This government is all about profit, its about who can make money from the childcare industry.

Image result for babies moneyThis government doesn't see a baby just $$$$$$$$

The Productivity Commission’s report reveals a conflict between benefits for users versus the benefits for investors in childcare. In a free market, these factors too often conflict. That’s what governments are there for – to provide and regulate services that are inappropriate for markets to provide. Childcare is one such service and is the reason we have to ignore many of the competition-based recommendations in the latest Productivity Commission report. They got it wrong.
We did once have a fairly good model for childcare, which was primarily offered by not-for-profit community organisations. It was a service first and foremost designed to support families and was federally funded from the early 1970s.
Ideology versus commonsense and they got it wrong, its about investing in the future, our children, its not rocket science.
This government has blinkers on, private enterprise is great but there are no go areas and child care for investors profit only is one of them.
Do we want a system that charges by the number of crayons used or the pieces of paper each child uses or the number of times a child needs a nappy changed, its crap.
Getting the Productivity Commission to do this report shows us what this government is about.
Logic is apparently not in their vocabulary.

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