19 Mar 2015

Cut wages says government yet small business are positve about future without cuts?


If you work for a small business, you'll have a greater chance of getting a raise this year, new research shows.
A national survey of more than 1,000 small businesses has found nearly a quarter of owners plan on giving staff a pay rise in 2015.
The MYOB poll also found 12 per cent of small businesses are looking to expand their full-time employment base, while 17 per cent expect an increase in the part-time or casual payroll.
MYOB chief executive Tim Reed says the number of small businesses planning to increase wages this year has risen and was particularly encouraging, given the uncertain political climate and drop in consumer and business confidence.
"Year-on-year it's an increase of about 10 per cent, so two or three percentage points," he said.
Mr Reed said some small business owners were taking advantage of a fall in inflation to pay their staff more.

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