2 Mar 2015

Domestic Violence: Funding by the Fedreral Government has been cut for translators

We giveth to show the media... and then taketh away.

Domestic Violence Crisis Service ACT executive director Mirjana Wilson said disrupted access to translators and interpreters would widen barriers already experienced by victims with English language difficulties and impact their ability to access support and legal counsel.
The federal government has footed the bill for the service's access to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection's around-the-clock Translating and Interpreting Service for clients in the past, but that funding is set to be axed in June.
Costs for workers engaging TIS National's on-call translators and interpreters to help them communicate with clients for free stood at more than $15,000 in 2013-14 and were on track to reach $20,000 this year.
So the government is so keen on reducing violence against women that they want to withdraw a miserly $20,000.
Well done you righteous bastards!

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