11 Mar 2015

Exercise, its a reminder to stay alive.

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A reminder of the past and the importance of exercise particularly after a traumatic episode. My recent visits to the gym where I was rehabilitated reinforced in me the need to continue with exercise. This is a lesson for all of us. My thanks to all Physiotherapists.


Feelings are gone and things have gone wrong
 Now I have nothing but pain going on
Then you came to help because I was lame
To try and help make things work again
Your patients, time and positive mind
The work you put in, it was not just being kind
Encouraging when I was down in the dumps
Teaching me how to get up and go again
It’s okay. Thats what you would always say
Together we can do it , we can if we try each day
You lifted my feet and showed me how to walk
We moved my fingers just one at a time
Then made them move, a little more each day
You helped my arm move and soon it could
I suddenly believed I’d be normal and good
You are the people who helped me on my way
You forced me and taught me to try this way
I could not walk, my arm did not work
Speech was bad, I hardly talked
You gave me courage to live again
Now I can walk , talk and can shake a hand
My thanks to all who helped me be this way
Without your patients I would not be able to say
 I’ve a chance to get better if I try each day
Thanks girls and boys for ringing my bell
You helped me escape from what seemed like hell
You’re work is sometimes hard I’m sure

Remember you’re guidance makes us try once more

S.W.T Read (2015)©

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