25 Mar 2015

Food labelling reforms could be sunk without a trace.

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Food labelling reforms could be sunk without a trace.

Consumers may not end up with the clearest country of origin food-labelling standards because of a potential conflict of interest.

The inclusion of Trade Minister Andrew Robb in the Abbott government's taskforce working on proposed changes is in the final stages of negotiating the controversial Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), was to the detriment of consumers. Putting Andrew Robb in that taskforce is like putting a fox in the hen house.

Mr Robb so far has refused to release the wording of the TPP to clear up the confusion.

Minister Barnaby Joyce said country of origin labelling should be simple, compulsory, diagrammatically and show proportionality as to where the product is sourced from.

"I've never believed that honesty should be taken as a reason not to do something. We're asking for honesty in labelling, because what we've got at the moment is dishonest," he said.

Australians should be worried because we are not being told anything about what this trade deal entails, secrecy seems to be a trade mark of this present government.

We as Australians are not children and shouldn't be treated in this manor, these agreements should not be signed without safeguards. They could have a dramatic effect on our lives.

This secrecy stinks!


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