23 Mar 2015

Liberal party is no longer liberal and Malcolm Fraser couldn't believe how extremist they have become.

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Fraser's politics didn't shift but the Liberal party has became unrecognisable.

After his death was announced, many messages of grief and condolence from many people appeared from those who have always associated themselves with Labor. It was surprising, why from that side of the trenches, well it was his life after he left parliament that stamped him as a true humanitarian.

Have we seen wide spread grief from his those who count themselves as Liberal supporters today, no, even John Howard was not very forthcoming in his comments.

The party politely says the right thing, but it appears quite false, have they swung so far to the right that they can't acknowledge him for who he was, and his principles, even though they don't agree with them.

Frightened of criticism from any quarter they immediately crawl into their shells, its a sad day when they can't overlook his opinion of their policies.

This government has a very blinkered look on their own history, instead of studying it and learning, they just blunder ahead blindly.

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