16 Mar 2015

Pyne's threat shoots down any chance of co-operation by the Senate.

Image result for christopher pyne cartoonMe a bully? Shut up or else!!!!!
Christopher fires blunderbuss and shoots his foot.

Everything is on the table, except the centre piece of the reform, which is deregulation", however the science funding also remains in the package says Christopher. This was not just a shock, its stupidity.

Mr Pyne's funding threat appears to have put a cat among the pigeons(the crossbenchers) who are now against the government's entire reform bill, after the Senate rejected the government's previous attempt last year.
Veteran independent Senator Nick Xenophon accused the government of "holding 1700 scientists' hostage" with the move, on ABC labelling the government's negotiating tactic "reckless".
Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie also called for Prime Minister Abbott to sack Mr Pyne from the ministry, labelling the threat "the last straw".
"It is just another desperate, juvenile and bumbling attempt to blackmail the Senate crossbenchers," she said in a statement yesterday.

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