18 Mar 2015

The beginning of the end for coal investment

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There will be quite a few countries that will need coal for many years, renewable are the future but underdeveloped counties really have no alternatives, of course they will start looking at renewable's. 

Coal will be around for many years  I'm afraid because it is simple to set up power from coal.

Renewable's for developed countries is a different kettle of fish, they can ween themselves of it because they have the networks to connect it to whereas poorer countries do not.

Live with the fact that the developed or more developed counties omit the majority of green house gases. The rest will get there eventually, particularly if they are helped by developed countries.

Things will change probably, when I couldn't predict, one things for sure coal use will be around for along time.

There is another possibility if ever they can burn coal without the emissions it will be here for the long haul because its cheap..

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